Plastic waste from City becomes fuel for Dalamia Cement factory



The Belagavi city corporation and Dalmia Cement have signed an MOU wherein the latter will pick up the plastic waste to be used as fuel instead of coal for producing clinkers.


Dalmia Cement has a plant at Yadwad, Gokak Taluka and recently it has picked 120 tons of majorly plastic waste which could not be recycled by the City Corporation.

Dalmia cement offered to buy the plastic waste had its factory retrofitted to consume plastics in place of coal. The State Pollution Control Board would be monitoring the ambient air quality after the plastics are burned so that no harmful emission takes place.

The initiative is part of the state government’s ‘Plastic Challenge’ organised in different villages with a view to encouraging effective plastic waste management.

waste-plasticThe non-recyclable plastics collected from all the homes were taken to the clinkers of Dalmia cement for effective disposal.

This will also reduce landfilling as no new sites for landfilling have been made available this would reduce the load on the landfill sites to some extent.

Co-processing refers to the use of waste materials in industrial processes as alternative fuel or raw material. Due to the high temperature in the cement kiln, different types of wastes can be effectively disposed of without harmful emissions.



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