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Police in civil uniform fines for Traffic violations

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Around 11.15 AM at Ramdev Galli a person in Civil dress which had a small mention of sticker as police above his rear number plate was seen collecting fines from bikers who were coming in the one way. Yes the bikes were violating the traffic rules but Can a Police officer in Civil dress fine for traffic violations ?

Police in civil dress fines for traffic violations
Police in civil dress fines for traffic violations
Police in civil dress fines for traffic violations
Police in civil dress stopping vehicles coming in One way

Any police officer for that matter can inspect documents under suspicious circumstances or on reasonable suspicion and refer the matter to Traffic Police for further action or investigation.


The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, section 132, says only an asst. sub-inspector (one star), police sub-inspector (two star) and police inspector (three star) are authorized to receive payments against violation and issue a receipt.
No police constable or head constable can issue a receipt and therefore receive a payment. They can however record the violations on the basis of which violation ticket will follow. This ticket can be settled at any of the traffic police stations. In case a constable or head constable threatens you with spot fine, insist on getting a receipt and the chances are that he will let you go because he is not authorised to issue a receipt or receive money.

The Bangalore Mirror in an article quotes Commissioner of police Raghavendra Auradkar,

If the constable is stopping the vehicles and checking documents, it is illegal, people can bring it to the notice of senior police officials.

  • The public can refuse to show them documents and complain about them to seniors
  • If you have not violated any traffic law, the traffic police cannot stop you just to ”check your documents (but in Belagavi this is not followed)
  • Also, as per law, a traffic constable cannot check your documents, it has to be done by an ASI rank officer or above

    The said matter has been brought to the notice of the higher officers.

4 thoughts on “Police in civil uniform fines for Traffic violations”

  1. Everyone should be aware of such basics of traffic laws…to tackle the situation in a better way..Also media should take such initiatives to make people aware of it.

  2. There is a traffic officer enforcing parking regulations in Ramlingkind Galli is rude, vulgar and extremely high handed. Not sure about his designation.

  3. People of belgaum (with some expections) always look to violate traffic rules instead follow it neatly. Its one of fundamental duties of every citizen of this country. Just follow fundamental duties of yours part. Then see the difference. No govt officials can stop you. Being a citizen every citizen should respect perspective laws made by people, for the people, to the people..isn’t..?


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