Police Constable Injured by Stray Dog While Executing Warrant Near Belagavi

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By uday

In a concerning incident under the jurisdiction of the Kakati police station near Belagavi, a police constable sustained injuries after being bitten by a stray dog while on duty to execute a warrant. The incident occurred recently at Bennali village, highlighting the challenges officers face in ensuring public safety, particularly in forested regions within their patrol areas.

The police constable, assigned to execute a warrant in Bennali village, encountered the stray dog during his duty. Despite efforts to avoid confrontation, the dog attacked the constable, leading to injuries that required medical attention. The injured constable was promptly taken to the district hospital for treatment.


This incident sheds light on the multifaceted challenges faced by law enforcement officers during their night patrols, especially in areas with dense vegetation and stray animal populations. While officers are tasked with maintaining law and order, they also encounter unforeseen dangers such as stray animals that pose risks to their safety.

Measures to address the issue of stray animals in the vicinity may be considered to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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