Belagavi City Corporation Reveals Rs 7.7 Lakh Surplus Budget

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Veena S Bijapure, chairperson of the Belagavi City Corporation standing committee on tax finance and appeals, unveiled the budget during a council meeting on Tuesday, emphasizing its dedication to the holistic progress of Belagavi and its diverse populace.

The fiscal year 2024-25 is set to witness a surplus budget of Rs 7.7 lakh, as outlined during the meeting. With an anticipated revenue of Rs 436.6 crore and total expenditure pegged at Rs 436.5 crore, the corporation aims for balanced financial management.

Allocation details within the budget include Rs 1.1 crore designated for stray dog management, Rs 28 crore earmarked for outsourced cleaning services, and Rs 18 crore designated for direct-recruited civil employee salaries. Additionally, Rs 4 crore is allotted for scientific solid waste disposal, Rs 2.5 crore for street light maintenance, and Rs 10.5 crore for rainwater management, roads, drainages, and footpaths. Elected representative study tours are budgeted at Rs. 30.00 lakhs.

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Furthermore, the budget prioritizes the development of essential infrastructure, with Rs 25 lakh reserved for enhancing open wells to augment drinking water supply across the city.

Budget Highlights:

Revenue Estimates:

  • The projected revenue for the Belagavi Municipal Corporation in the fiscal year 2024-25 stands at Rs. 43,661.35 lakhs.
  • Estimated expenses for the same period are anticipated to be Rs. 43,653.63 lakhs, resulting in a surplus budget of Rs. 7.72 lakhs.

Estimated Receipts:

  • Property tax collection from corporation properties is expected to reach ₹7350.20 crore.
  • Revenue from building permits is estimated at Rs. 200.00 lakhs.
  • Anticipated income from development and improvement fees related to building permits is Rs. 1025.00 lakhs.
  • Revenue reallocation of Rs. 1700.00 lakhs is expected from cable laying fees, with an additional Rs. 125.00 lakhs from road digging within the corporation’s jurisdiction.
  • Solid waste management contributions are estimated at Rs. 800.00 lakhs.
  • A surcharge of Rs. 110.00 lakhs is anticipated from immovable property registrations.
  • Transfer fees and fines for properties are expected to yield Rs. 550.00 lakhs.
  • Basic facilities are projected to generate Rs. 50.00 lakhs.
  • A grant of Rs. 8113.77 lakhs is expected from the state government for employee salaries.
  • An additional Rs. 630.00 lakhs is anticipated from SFC open fund grants.
  • SFC Vidyutshakti grant is estimated at Rs. 6690.00 lakhs.
  • Income from the sale of open plots is expected to reach Rs. 1050.00 lakhs, totaling the estimated revenue to Rs. 43,661.35 lakhs.

Estimated Expenditures:

  • Salaries for officers/staff are budgeted at Rs. 2800.00 lakhs.
  • Outsourcing cleanliness costs are allocated Rs. 1800.00 lakhs to maintain Belagavi’s cleanliness.
  • Scientific solid waste disposal is earmarked Rs. 400.00 lakhs.
  • Street light maintenance is budgeted at Rs. 250.00 lakhs.
  • Infrastructure projects, including road, sewerage, footpath, and rainwater management, are allotted Rs. 1050.00 lakhs.
  • Stray dog management is reserved Rs. 110.00 lakhs.
  • Sports initiatives are allocated Rs. 14.98 lakhs.
  • Elected representative study tours are budgeted at Rs. 30.00 lakhs.
  • Cremation and crematorium development receive Rs. 80.00 lakhs.
  • Drinking water supply and future development are earmarked Rs. 25.00 lakhs.

Capital Costs:

  • Acquisition of new computerized machinery is budgeted at Rs. 160.00 lakhs.
  • Various infrastructure projects, including road construction, CC road construction, sewerage construction, public space preservation, and city beautification, total Rs. 2005.00 lakhs.
  • Sewerage repair and construction, as well as community public toilets, are allotted Rs. 650.00 lakhs.
  • Park development is budgeted at Rs. 100.00 lakhs.

Other Initiatives:

  • A provision of Rs. 1500.00 lakhs is set aside for the Amrut Yojana.
  • Swachh Bharat Mission initiatives are supported with 41.27 percent of the DPR from the corporation.
  • Backward class development within the Municipal Corporation is allocated Rs. 108.63 lakhs.
  • Wheelchair provision for differently-abled individuals is budgeted Rs. 74.92 lakhs.
  • Various central and state government schemes, including Rainwater Harvesting, Natural Disasters, Drinking Water Supply, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Yojana, SFC Special Grant, and Griha Bhagya Yojana, are endorsed and included in the budget plan.

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