Police gear up for Ganesh Festival

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Ganesh Festival be will be held in Belagavi city from September 2 to September 12 and also Muharram will be observed on the 10th. As many as 1072 Ganesh idols will be worshiped under the police Commissionerate, said commissioner of police Lokesh Kumar in a press briefing today.

For Muharram 103 Panjas, 13 Tabut will also be installed at various locations.

5 CAR teams, 9 KSRP teams, 1 CRPF team along with police officials will be put for bandobast during the festival.

152 CCTV cameras have been installed at sensitive areas to keep a watch on mischief mongers and on the day of the Visarjan as many as 282 CCTV cameras will keep a close watch.

20 Shakti motorcycle patrolling will be done 24×7 during the said period.

Sale of liquor is banned on 2-9-19 from 6 AM to 6 AM on 3-9-19.


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  1. Let everyone enjoy the fest n celebrate. I hope there are no fights n let it go safe with no war of religion. No one must have any religion learn to love learn to forgive that’s the best part of humanity which we religion teaches is peace n brothers. Hindu Muslim Sikh Isaye hum sab hai bhai Bhai.Hindusita hamara – mashab nai sikhata apas Mai bair rakh na. Invite all no matter what to attend our not is individuals choice for that don’t fight let there be no matter what yet peace n peace.


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