Third Graduation Ceremony at KLS GIT

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Third Graduation Day” of Karnatak Law Society’s Gogte Institute of Technology (GIT) of Belagavi was held on 31.08.2019 to confer degrees on the students passed out in the year 2019 of Autonomous Postgraduate/graduate Programs. In this 46 rank holders awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and about 1100 students have got provisional degree certificates.

Chief Guest Mr. E. S. Chakravarthy, delivering the graduation day address he said, “In the today’s era of technology transformation graduates/postgraduates have tremendous long term and lifetime opportunities and this will help you to work for the betterment of the society and nation. You are the stewards of this nation and custodian of a very rich tradition of antiquity with modernization and future technology, he said.

As we march towards becoming a developed nation, your role as the youth of the country, becomes to increasingly important so you have to be very cautious and courageous, he told. This degree has elevated you all as very confident individuals and it is the purpose of education, he said. Getting a degree from this kind of prestigious institutions is very essential because these institutions are not open only for academics but also provides great platforms to become self-learner, thinker, doer and achiever, he said.

git-gradTalking about the dress code graduates of the graduation day, he said, black color of the dress represents the “tremendous things which are unknown” but has potential to absorb all the intellectual knowledge whereas red color represents “beauty” of the today’s success which is very small but looking very beautiful, he said.

With this degree you have got wings which will help you to reach your goal but wings are nothing but the second birth or life and purpose of life is to get respect and is nothing but asset so you have to be very careful with your behavior in the society because you all are brand ambassadors of prestigious institution, he said.

Talking about the special type of currencies to get respect he mentioned Institutional currency, Intellectual currency, Cultural Currency and Social Currency. He urged graduates to develop passion towards the nation, society and village because this will ignite “I am a contributor” nature in the mind through which you all become social engineers, he told. Talking about the social responsibilities or targets, we can mark like; eradication of poverty, health for all, education of all, power for all and higher level of life standards are to be achieved in shorter period of next decade or so, it is the power of youth, which must rise to the challenge, and I have full confidence, all of you will strive hard not only to achieve your goals but also make this country a better living place, he told. Finally, he congratulated all the rank holders and graduates on this occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble Union Minister Shri. Pralhad Joshi said, don’t try to become the job seekers instead you all have to be job providers. In this era tremendous competition you should learn how to lead and progress instead of becoming managers, he said. For your potential and strength, you should think that the sky is the limit and try to achieve it. Low aiming is like crime being an engineering graduate you should dream high, he told.

Prof. Karisiddappa, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Belagavi, speaking on the occasion he said that, Learning never ends so keep learning at any point of your professional life. The era of learning in the small room is ended and now nature/society is the best teacher so you should try to learn from these, he told. Today’s professionals have to perform well in the respective field to flourish otherwise you will perish, he said.

Shri. Anant Mandgi President, Karnatak Law Society (KLS) gave presidential remarks.

Prof. A. S. Deshpande, Registrar, VTU, Belagavi graced the occasion.

Shri. U. N. Kalkundrikar, Chairman. Governing Body, GIT, gave initial remarks and welcomed the gathering. The principal of GIT Prof. D.A.Kulkarni read the report of the college.

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