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Police gymkhana building in exile

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There is a building at the Sangolli Rayanna Circle built in 2003-04 officially as a police gymkhana but the work never completed and the building was never put to use. The period of exile for this buulding has been more than Vanvas of Lord Rama.

Belagavi Superintendent of Police Hemant Nimbalkar had laid the foundation stone of the police gymkhana building was laid in the year 2003-04. The plan of the building was beautifully planned, but wrong setback created legal complications and the construction work came to an halt. After then, the incomplete building remained neglected and stray animals, alcoholics started ruling it. . It was to have a swimming pool, badminton court, volleyball court, gymnasium, walking track and many other facilities. Also the building was to have luxurious guest houses for facilitating top officials coming from outstations.

police-gymkhana In the year 2014, police department decided to revive the building and the complete the construction work. But legal complications again applied brakes to the attempt. In the year 2015, the department decided to house new Police Commissionerate office in that premises, for which again the procedures commenced under the guidance of the then Belagavi Police Commissioner S Ravi.

Police sources informed that the project had got an approval of Rs 13.55 crore. As much as 45,000 sq ft area was to be allocated for Commissionerate office while 10,000 sq ft was be allocated for the proposed Police Training Centre. The procedures are yet to be complete for getting green signal to commence the construction work.

The building, the construction of which has remained incomplete since 14 years, is now utilised by alcoholics to consume liquor. It is common to seen liquor bottles fallen all over the premises. For the stray animals like dogs and cattle’s, it is the best shed in the city, which protects them from rain and harsh sun heat. Several portions of the constructed structure have been damaged. The open space in front of the building has been utilised by people for parking their vehicles. People urinating in open premises are also common scenes here.

Currently the Commissioner’s office is housed in the old building and is awaiting approval for constructing of the new one.

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