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Police Helpline for Eve teasing

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With a view to check incidents of eve-teasing and molestation the new DCP Law and Order G Radhika has shared her number where the women can call and inform about such incidents directly to her.

The number for complaints for eve teasing is 94808 00651.

She has said issues like the Girls taking sticks for their security in Waghwade is a grave issue and it will handled in a serious way and even police in civil dress will nab the culprits.


DCP Law and Order G Radhika said women security is her top priority and she would make all her efforts in making Belagavi a better place for Women. If anyone is begin harassed or eve teased please call and inform on 94808 00651.

2 thoughts on “Police Helpline for Eve teasing”

  1. First of all stop using this term “Eve teasing” and refer to it as Sexual harrasment. Let the seriousness begin here.
    The term just brings down the viciousness of the act and gives it a romantic or a bollywood angle.

  2. Well yesterday evening between 6 – 7 pm my wife and I was walking towards peeranwadi market and some some muslim boys started shouting badwords and vulgar word’s.
    I wanted to reply them but my wife was so frightened that first we should escape from this place and the we can do something.
    By the the time we were in the place where people were roaming in the market these boys were not there.

    I am going to lodge the complaint today.


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