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Police nab 3 Rapists in Kakti Gang rape case

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Sources in the police department have said that they have taken 3 people into custody with regards to the Kakti gang rape case. However the police are yet to confirm their identity to the media. They have also not confirmed thee arrest as yet.

Police said the girl, who was with her friend near one of the windmill fans on a hill site between Kakti and Mutyanatti, was forcibly taken away to a side by a group of five youth and raped.

The police had got leads in the case and the youths were identified as residents of Mutyanatti village.

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  1. Police department plz hand over rapist for public . Bcoz if they r handed to law. Then ll b enjoying in jail as kings n nothing as happen . So just give then chance for public for a change. N justice will b of girl

  2. Every girl has the freedom to roam everywhere she likes or to be with the person whom she loves to spend the time.. we are nobody to judge them with their looks and dressing sense….These rapists must be punished hard in public crowd… requesting to the Boys that Plzz “Grow Up”…. “BE A MAN RESPECT A WOMEN”
    Please hang these culprits as soon as possible.


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