College girl gang raped near Kakti


A college going girl has lodged a complaint that she has been gang raped by a group of 5 youths near Kakti. The incident has occurred in the past week but it only came to light after the complaint was filed.

The girl and his friend had gone for a ride near Kakti when the incident occurred.


In the complaint it is stated that she was raped for hours by the goons and later they fled away. The boy along with the girl was also beaten up. Police said the girl, who was with her friend near one of the windmill fans on a hill site between Kakti and Mutyanatti, was forcibly taken away to a side by a group of five youth and raped. 

She is currently taking treatment at civil hospital.

A case under POSCO has been registered under Kakti police station and a special team has been formed to nab the culprits.

A case has been registered and the police was looking for the accused, who have been identified as residents of Mutyanatti village.



  1. People 1st stop going to empty places wid ur gf. Bf, wer der s no crowd, nd moreover compare to boys girls r not weak, girl must learn to fight wen its needful for her safety, nd dnt believe anybody blindly,

  2. I disagree with people who are saying that girls should dress up properly else she will be provoking guys… it’s her choice what she wants to wear.It’s the guys mentality that should be corrected and your mentality because you think that we are provoking say you worship goddesses and have faith in them..but this is how you treat them and destroy their lives.
    These people should be castrated and made to suffer as much as possible..hanging is not a solution..She deserves JUSTICE

  3. Every girl has the freedom to roam everywhere she likes or to be with the person whom she loves to spend the time.. we are nobody to judge them with their looks and dressing sense….These rapists must be punished hard in public crowd… requesting to the Boys that Plzz “Grow Up”…. “BE A MAN RESPECT A WOMEN”

  4. big crime…in belgaum city i think indian government has to change the law and order for these rape cases. and shoot them..

    • Every girl has the freedom to roam everywhere she likes or to be with the person whom she loves to spend the time.. we are nobody to judge them with their looks and dressing sense….These rapists must be punished hard in public crowd… requesting to the Boys that Plzz “Grow Up”…. “BE A MAN RESPECT A WOMEN”
      Find and shoot the culprits in public.

  5. Its not the dress of girl the mind set of people should be changed. so pls stop saying that it was dress or the place was cause of this horrifying incidence. we have plenty of cases to hear that women in sari ware victims of such insane people. And for those who says dresses are reason for attraction then i can just say that GOD SAVE THE SCOTLAND MEN. even they ware mini Skits.

    when ever these things happen and the opinion i hear i have to think twice to say are we really proud to be an Indian

  6. Such bastards must be Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered… It iz a type of torture wer the victim is dragged in a wooden frame called a hurdle to the place of execution. They would then be hanged by the neck for a short period of time until they are near-death (hanged), followed by disembowelment and castration where the private parts are burned in front of the victim (drawn). The victim would then be divided into four separate parts and beheaded (quartered).
    After getting such tortures no one will imagine of doing such crimes again

  7. Guys,
    I think it’s matter of time. What happened is something horrible and will give you nightmares for sure. Guilty should be punished.
    I have heard of many lovebirds spending time in the area where this happened. It’s a remote place and everyone who visits there should be careful and should not go in late evening times. Boys are not good from a particular village nearby this area. Whenever you go in such places please make sure you are in groups. If such incidents occur approach straight to Police station and register complaint don’t make a mistake by keeping quite, if the keep mum who knows there might be another incident like this.

  8. These type of people dont hv right to stay in the socity,Girls hv the right to rome,People should hv positve thinking abt girls they hv right to where anything and the rapist should be hanged in public so that no other such insident should take place further,Gorvenment must also take strict action against rapist in india.

  9. Firstly very shameful to hear that such incident happened in belgaum, there should be strict laws come into effect to avoid these kinda incidents,I have been in Middle East for 10yrs and the law and regulations prevailing in those countries is heart jolting for such crimes…there’s a state punishment for such acts, No case, No bail… straight away hanged to death… infact our worst Indian laws are giving liberty to such people to spoil ones life, our country’s law enforcement s very poor to control..we all people will keep sharing our opinions on this , finally what’s going to happen ..? after few days the bastards who spoiled the life of a girl will be sitting and having there meal in prison nicely… better taking out protest strongly and chopping these A_ _ holes in the streets.

  10. It is a shame for people of Belgaum i am also one of them. I request the Belgaum police to get strongest punishment for these roughs. Make them such example that such men should think 100 times before even thinking of such a thing.

  11. Hi freinds

    I request Plz don’t go such kind of places with your girlfriend, fiance or with ur wife, alone this areas are very dangerous

    This kind of many cases are happend bfr also we didn’t come to know bcz they don’t complaint to the police.

    I requat this bastards should get punishment hang till death ………

  12. Each n every girls has their own life why can’t boys control dem self it’s shamefull to hear this abt Belgaum

  13. Every girl has the freedom to roam everywhere she likes or to be with the person whom she loves to spend the time.. we are nobody to judge them with their looks and dressing sense….These rapists must be punished hard in public crowd… requesting to the Boys that Plzz “Grow Up”…. “BE A MAN RESPECT A WOMEN”
    Find and shoot the culprits in public.

  14. guys, all said n done. ants always attracted towards sweet. I’m not against women n their freedom. but as a culture our gals need to dress accordingly. y give a chance?

    precaution is better than cure.

    no 2nd thought culprits should be punished severely. no jail no bail. y waste time of our police, advocates n judges?

    stone them in public.

    • U r wrong bro… If we dress up nicely den also they ll get more attracted towards our simplicity…. Wt to do??

      • Attractive is nice… It will have different impact . 🙂
        It’s about time and place. Just see to it that whenever you go in remote places mind a little about your dressing. It should not be tempting and also if you feel there is no crowd please don’t wait keep moving. Criminals don’t have understanding of good and bad they are just there for an opportunity, so be careful…

    • Dear Mr. SD.. It’s every girls right & wish to dress as she likes. M sure your 1 among those low tots guy who underestimates gals. U guys gotto have control over urself 1st rather than judging and commenting on gals appearance.
      Really shameful to read ur comment.

      And yes the guys gotto be punished in public and not just by imprisonment.

  15. Ashamed of hearing this news,Those guys should be punished in such a way So that no other guy dares to even think of it. Msg for boys “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” “RESPECT” them…

  16. Every girl has the freedom to roam everywhere she likes or to be with the person whom she loves to spend the time.. we are nobody to judge them with their looks and dressing sense….These rapists must be punished hard in public crowd… requesting to the Boys that Plzz “Grow Up”…. “BE A MAN RESPECT A WOMEN”

  17. Find the culprits, and hang them, it’s not only the Government or the police duty to find the culprits and, its individual responsibility to be good Indian and a good human being, Please hang these culprits as soon as possible.

  18. These rapists must be punished hard in public crowd. . So that no other guy dares to even think of it. . Belgaumites please let us be together and change the law . . No more jail no more bail. . Straight away burn them in public

  19. Treat every girl the same way, you want your sister or mother to be treated in society.. Bloody morons should be hanged..

  20. Punish these culprits than only we will hav faith in our judiciary… and punishment shd be as hard as ever…

  21. A shame to every Indian male, that his Mother, Sister, wife, daughter and all female members of his family can be violated by a bunch of hooligans.

  22. M sry Mr rajesh m not agree with ur comment abt girl u think its girls mistake who given rights to rape girls han wen boys never think wen they go out anytime then y girls han…..all same rights u should support girld nit those bledy rapists…

  23. i think indian government has to change the law and order for these rape cases.we have to follow saudi arabian rules for rape cases directly throw the stone to that culprit till the death .then i think there will be decrease in the rape cases in our country

  24. Isse Roknahai to police ko apna kaam imandari se karna hoga. Aur ladkiyo ko bi apna dressing soch samajke karna hoga. Tabi sudrega belgaum.
    Jo ladkiyo ke maa baap hai,
    unko apne bachhe mobile pe kya karahe hai,aur kiske saat gumte hai, isske baareme malum rehana chahiyea.

  25. Acutually the law needs to be changed. We need to hang these ppl straight away when it’s confirmed. No court n nothing.

  26. Nowadays in night after 8.30pm. lots of collage going girl’s and boys are coming to bike ridding to kakati and honaga police has to check them after 10 o’clock all are drinking and driving the bikes this is also a solution let night party
    Party stop crime stop
    This is my feeling

  27. I am hearing such incident for the second time,as the case has been filed.Who knows how many such incidents were happened before .I reside in Kakati near by these hills(windmills).I feel very bad for what has happened ,before windmills were installed hills were happened to be more green n having bunch of trees .I still remember having spent most of my childhood in these hills .After windmills were installed all the trees were cut off n now no more green.Now it has become sight seeing n photographic place for couples .Worst part is, near by these windmills you will find two villages Sonatti n Mutyanatti.Most of the youths from these villages are uneducated n behave like a goon(but not all coz there are good n educated people too whom I know ).Even you will find Shiva temple in these hills called Hunasevari .Now because of such incidents people are afraiding to visit temple.Before windmills were intstalled not a single such bad incidents were happened.I humbly request to all my dear brothers n sisters do not visit these place for your sake.If you are really want to visit these place ,please come in a group so that you can teach them a lesson .

    • yes brother manjunath am also staying in kakathi from two yrs and often we family go to windmills with children but now we dont dare to go there.its really should not spoil the life of girls.guys should respect women.women is respectfull creation by god. every body should know it
      and resepect the women.
      now the turns comes to police n court should take harsh decisions to hang them publicly.bcs further nobody attempt this

      and pls be aware girls and boys dont love in this age.if you love pls dont go lonely places meet in public places only as friends.

  28. She is a brave girl, lets be with her in this fight !

    My message to the boys, never take your loved one to places where these cases are prone to happen, its only in movies that a single person can beat up 5 or more people, if you don’t have balls to protect her then you should not even take her to such places.

    Go in groups of 10 or more and you can feel safe.

    My message to girls, your loved one may be good looking and a hunk but he cannot fight many people at once for you, so have little sense and say NO.

    And boys, when a girl says NO, its a “NO”

  29. Delay in complaint may hinder the nabbing of culprits, very bad thing happened, delay like this will be struggle some for Police who are allready overburdened. Pray for Police will bring the culprits to judgement soon.

  30. First of all it is the mistake of the girl going to the remote area with a boy, knowing that the situations these days are not good ,still these girl’s roam about in such area’s without any time constraint,ofcourse the culprits must be punished severely.This is just my opinion,no hard feelings.

    • Mr. Rajesh Deshpande…. Going by the language and the flow of english in your comment, I am certain that you are educated. But your comment is a real disappointment, because comments/statements like these are the reason why we have rapists or potential rapists roaming around in our society. In my opinion it is not at all the girl’s mistake. She has every right to go wherever she wants to and neither you or me should start judging her by her outgoing nature. Stop the boys from going to such places or rather, change their mentality. Stop being judgemental when it comes to a girl’s character. This is just my opinion, no hard feelings.

      • Very true with the comments. Actually we need to save boys first by give right education at the initial stage to save our girls.

      • I agree. Judging only a female is not the solution. If you want changes to be made by me or you, we need to change the mentality.. Rajesh Deshpande kindly have a keen observations on situation not on the girl or the place she visited. This is just my opinion, no hard feelings

      • I think a few people trying to show and showcase there writing/ language and advisory skills are ignoring some hard facts and trying to judge others.
        It is simple:
        The government and the society should work towards ensuring safety of all the citizens at every place including such girls who have been sexually attacked.
        There is no doubt about it !
        But until such an eventuality and order is brought to practice and when there is clarity and no laxity about the safety all the individuals to play safe. So this advice applies to all the boys, girls, families and kids not venture into such places.
        About the dress code of girls it is hard to comment, preferably the clothing must be modest at least to respect our culture in which we worship goddesses with such devotion. But again it is an individual right and choice
        better be safe than sorry before it is too late

    • What dude are u ok? U are indirectly supporting the ppl who raped. Y can’t ppl jus mind der own business instead of doing this shit. Women’s can’t go anywhere o what?

    • 1st of all or last of all; it’s not the girls fault at all. All individuals have the right and freedom to move around freely. It’s only the boys who raped her are at fault.
      It is sad to see that people still have the mentality to blame the girl.

    • We gals have no rights to roam anywhere or to dress up anyhow… But u guys can go anywhere n do anything… Can spoil anybody’s life… Great…


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