Police should stop harassment of Auto driver first make better roads – Suresh Angadi


The police after Deputy Commissioner’s deadline of implementation of Auto meters, on Saturday the police woke up early morning and started to fine autos who violated the law.

About 222 autos were fined and 16 seized yesterday.

Our beloved Member of Parliament Mr.Suresh Angadi who had been to the head post office, speaking to the media said

The district administration and the police department are levying fines on Auto drivers which is not correct. Before implementing the meter rule, the administration must repair all the roads of the city. Due to bad roads the Auto drivers have to spend a lot of money on repairs. This exploitation of the Auto drivers must stop.

The social media is a buzz after this statement was made.

Isn’t this an irresponsible statement by the elected representative. He is a law maker himself and is he says so then he should also come up and stand by the citizens when they are charged for traffic violations. We also use the same roads as autos do. We also drink the same water breathe the same air. Then why protection for them and not ALL. Don’t we also pay for repairs of bikes and cars.

It has always been seen that the elected representatives may be from any party always support the Auto drivers, which is understandable as it is a solid vote bank.
But we as common citizens also have the same rights given to us by the constitution then why is this special treatment for one section.

The honorable MP who is on this public post from 2004, which means for the past 13 years he is holding this office, why couldn’t he make some good roads so that the poor auto drivers dont have to cough up more money on the repairs.

Now it is upto the learned citizens of Belagavi to decide who is wrong and who is correct.



  1. Glad to know so many are outraged. Good bye MP Angadi. Last chance enjoy. During the next elections we shall show our power. Women power that is.

  2. What nonsense and irresponsible statement by stupid MP. In his 3 terms he did do anything for city now he is intervene in others good job. He never learn the lesson from his past mistakes. No one vote him in next lok sabha election.

  3. I hope people remember these utter worthless statements made by our politicians. They need to be taught a lesson.

  4. Hi Guys,
    We All are commenting on MP but we need to take strict action against this person if comment on this site we will not reach Mr. Modi so start sharing email id or Phone no of Modi office so that it can reach him… we just comment on whenever such incident is highlighted then we keep quite so lets take step to go beyond this… when we can elect him we have right to take it out….

    so share ….and get into action….

  5. BJP we do not want to see this person as Ur candidate in up coming polls. Belagavi do not see any benefit from you Mr.MP… Always concentrating on vote bank doesn’t work…Common people are being harrassed by auto drivers n you never comment on that… Time to teach lesson… Karnataka BJP should learn some good lessons from Modi .. Don’t always use Modi name to get vote ,Try to follow him n give us better infrastructure in Belagavi

  6. Good step by district administration to penalise errant auto drivers. Mr suresh angadi this is ur 3 rd term as MP kindly let us know your contributions to belgaum and would really like to know how much ur concerned about belgaum citizens. Because what we understand is in past u established ur own education institution and now busy establishing ur sugar factory. Any extra efforts to bring industries, business opportunities so that employment is generated? Or any major projects because of ur contribution? Even proper rail connectivity could have been done in these 13 years so that it would have been beneficial to the Citizens . Instead of making irresponsible statements kindly follow footsteps of your leader and do something good to the city.

  7. What is wrong with this man suresh angadi? Shame.
    Ask the MP to talk to some women and their problems hiring an auto.

  8. BJP please note. We do not want him as your candidate. At least I am not going to vote for BJP if he is your candidate. Zero work MP. Cannot believe we have him as an MP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enough.

  9. Unfortunate statement. The ordinary public is being looted by most of the autos, by charging excess fare and not using meters. The general public too have personal vehicles. If police initiates action for traffic violations, it is now deemed that harassment. Please see that meter issue is solved and save public from day light robbery in our Belagavi.

  10. Mr MP.. please allow the police to do the good work.. had u done the work u were expected to do, then Belagavi would have been one of the most developed city in Karnataka.. Shameless and irresponsible statement not expected of you..

  11. So according to MP, now police needs to repair the roads as well. Then why is he elected?? Can’t he take necessary action and get this work done??

  12. Nice joke .. Belgaum has lot of Joker’s !!! .. Dear Cops plz start making good road’s .. let d saftey nd Crime of d city .. be taken care by BCC of Belgaum..
    Smart city .. start dreaming !!

  13. He makes statements and does things only to stay in the news. Plays the game without morals. Does anything so that his photo comes in newspapers. Just takes officers around some rounds and get press people to publish some stuff about him. Statements in favor of one linguistic group with them and exactly opposite when with the other. Spent all his time building his education and business empire with zero contribution to the society.

  14. Honable MP improving roads of the city is not police work, you must understand as a MP, REALLY police is doing good work for the citizens of Belgaum, it helps for them

  15. Yes the MP has got all the roads leading to his college beyond Nanawadi done up in spite of protests a long time ago. So can he not undertake to surface all the roads in Belgaum in a phased manner specially since this a very much needed by his vote bank?

  16. Its very shameless statement by elected Member of Parliament….
    This is his 3rd term what he did for Belgaum… He is also using the same roads na ?????

  17. Many a time ppl have to shell out ₹200-300 from ramdev hotel to azamnagar or even dharamnath circle.. Let the MP come at 5 am n Hire an auto from ramdev hotel.. Then only he can unterstand the plight of ppl of belgaum


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