Politics behind No session in Belgaum


There is a never austerity fever in India with each and every politician is trying to get to the limelight and some automatically get the lime light.

In Karnataka the Belgaum session was cancelled and it was said that it’s to save the exchequer the 50 to 75 crores that otherwise would have been saved if the session is held in Bangalore and also that it’s difficult to shift the government machinery. But reasons for this are different from this I guess.

The state Govt. had conducted two sessions earlier amidst stiff opposition from MES.

But this time the BJP leaders from Delhi have asked BSY not to hold the session in Belgaum until the assembly elections are over in Maharashtra as per the advice of the Maharashtra state unit. The main reason behind this, holding of the assembly session in Belgaum would cause to the BJP Shiv Sena alliance.


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  1. These politicians are dirt shits and worst then swine(no be better word than this) they can just paly with Public sentiments and money any time they want and however they want , Disgrace and filthy are these politicians


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