Poor farmer died but his organs saved the lives of four

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A Farmer who was fighting a life-threatening brain injury donated his organs and became the model for saving the lives of 4 people.

At the Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Center Belagavi, a farmer coming from a poor stratum of life who was fighting a life-threatening brain injury donated his organs and became a role model for saving the lives of 4 persons.

The liver was sent to Bengaluru via flight from Hubbali while the kidneys were donated to Hubballi and Dharwad hospital each.

In a magnanimous job, the police came forward as the lifesavers too as they made a green corridor from Belagavi to Hubballi airport and the liver was transported in 55 minutes flat.

The police officials managed the green corridor so well the ambulance had not to wait anywhere and reached the Hubli airport in 55 mins times, 5 mins before the anticipated time.

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At Hubli Airport after handing over liver to BGS Global Hosp, Blore

From there the liver was transported to Bengaluru.

A 50-year-old man from the Gokaka taluk farm was seriously injured in a vehicle accident. Due to a severe injury to the brain, he was paralyzed and his brain stopped. But the organs were working.

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After consulting the brothers, wife, and family members after he was declared brain dead, the staff at KLE were able to convince the family that his organs can be donated and the family agreed.

The Skin was donated by KLE Rotary Skin Bank & Eyes to the Eye bank at KLEs Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital.

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Skin grafting is done for patients suffering from burns to the skin, and the eyes are transplanted to the two blind.

A socially, economically, and academically disadvantaged farmer has shown his exemplary attitude by organ donation.

The work of the Belagavi and Hubballi Police Department is highly commendable.

The team consisted of Dr. KLE. Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital’s Transplant division Dr Nerli, Dr. Ritesh Vernekar, Dr. Sunil Shenvi of BGS Global and her team, Transplant Coordinators Pramoda Sulikeri, Neeraj Dixit, RG Patil, Vinayak Puranik, Manoj Naik, and others facilitated the transplant.

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  1. Could have also shown the picture of that great man and family….
    Or was it anonymous???
    Any way
    May the noble soul be blessed with peace, Om Shanti

  2. A magnanimous gesture on the part of the relatives of the deceased person. May His (Deceased Person’s) SOUL REST IN PEACE. Kudos To the Doctors,Hospital Staff & the Authorities in assistance for their good work !!!!


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