Power line between Karnataka and Goa will require 177 hectares of forest land in Western Ghats

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A new 400 kV transmission line is planned which will power Goa with an additional source from Chhattisgarh by the Goa-Tamnar Transmission Project Ltd (GTTPL).

Part of the lines will pass through Karnataka, wiping out 177 hectares of forest land in the Western Ghats.

The centre is yet to clear this project.

According to documents obtained from the Centre, the project was first mooted during 2017 when the Central Electricity Authority under the Ministry of Power made a request for executing ‘Additional 400kV feed to Goa’. The transmission line starts from Narendra village in Dharwad by tapping the existing 400kV Narendra line of Power Grid Corporation of India and terminates at 400/200 kV substation at Xeldom in Goa.

The transmission line will pass through Dharwad, Belgaum and Uttara Kannada and South Goa district of Goa, reports the Deccan Herald.

Wildlife activist Giridhar Kulkarni said the foremost option for such linear intrusion project is to avoid important wildlife habitats as these intrusions have a range of immediate and long-term negative impacts, both ecologically and socially.

Activists said already this region has lost its virgin forest due to the expansion of the National Highway-4A and many other projects. “There should be a balance between development and conservation. If we are losing wildlife habitats, then attempts should be made to compensate it,” he urged, reports the New Indian Express.


4 thoughts on “Power line between Karnataka and Goa will require 177 hectares of forest land in Western Ghats”

  1. It’s indeed sad that 177 Hectares of precious Forest Land is required for Power Lines.

    The Forests have already been destroyed and hardly 10 % of the original Forests of 1960’s is
    now remaining.

    Oh Why oh Why is the Government of eh day only obsessed with Forest Land ..
    Can we not explore Solar Polar ?

    Surely our Own Harish Hande will suggest something better than destroying precious Forest Cover!!!

  2. It’s high time the political leaders and our honourable Prime Minister raise concern over deforestation in all parts of India and take upright decisions in motivating the citizens in building a greener earth.?

  3. Go ahead. Since when has the public had any power / say so in matters like this or any for that matter. Mother nature will intervene. And sadly she won’t consider age when time comes.

  4. Please preserve the forest. Belgaum is surround by these forest so its the best gift by nature to the belgaum and people if belgaum, so I miss my city I’ve traveled India and international but no city can replace belgaum. That’s why the climate best suits don’t destroy the nature else it will slap back later at it’s best don’t date test it. Find alternate solutions go for solar panels at Goa, is heated up 24*7 make the best use of it. Please, don’t destroy the nature come to senses people or have you lost it.


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