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Pre Paid auto booth issues ticket but Auto Drivers refuse to go as per ticket

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The monument at the Railway station known as the pre paid auto booth which is functioning in the books of the Govt since long is only a monument of sorts. This morning a passenger wanted to go to RC nagar and hence he approached the Pre paid auto booth and he was handed over a receipt after Paying Rs.1 as service charge and total fare mentioned was 66.

But the issue starts now, none of the auto drivers there wanted to take that receipt and drop the passenger to RC nagar.


If the auto drivers dont want to adhere to the pre paid auto booth why is that booth built as a monument only then exists there?


Since ages the booth is there and if the auto drivers dont want to make use of it the police must close it as it is of no use.

Who will tame the Auto drivers is the biggest question here. Isn’t there a rule of law or is it only for the citizens and not the Auto drivers as they are above law it seems like.

It is a request to the Police and the RTO to close such monuments built by it and same place could be allotted for something else.


13 thoughts on “Pre Paid auto booth issues ticket but Auto Drivers refuse to go as per ticket”

  1. Team AAB, thank you for once again highlighting another important issue. Railway station, bus stand and public facilities are the first impressions that one get about any city. And auto rickshaw drivers of Belgaum a well known for their notorious behaviour. When rickshaw can run on meters in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Bengaluru what is the difficult of enforcing it in Belgaum?

    My question to the administration;
    Is the RTO, DC and police so handicapped? Isn’t it a reflection of combined failure of these good offices? Why is that drives by police department fail? RTO is least bothered about this issue. Who is protecting and encouraging such illegal practises?

    In other constituencies the usual election issues are water, roads, drains, employment, development but Belgaum has additional issue, “Belgaum mein meter down kab hoga?”, this should be the foremost election issue. What is the stand by our beloved candidates? Belgaumites should vote on such issues rather than on caste, religion, language, and other divisive issues.

  2. closing monuments is no solution!.If it is for people , then the administration must make sure the auto drivers fall in line….else cancel their permits.Do it for four days and see the change….They need Danda…..

  3. Police have more important things to do now that they have become official photographers of the city. Click photos of no helmet riders, wrong side parking. Chit chat on mobile phones. Catching Autos, rash driving, reckless driving by vans, overloading is below their dignity to catch. Good luck to Belgaum.

  4. Today I had similar experience. They demanded 120 rs for RPD. Booth was not open. Similarly there were many middle class senior citizens who were also in same condition. We all travelled by city bus. The City administration should arrange city bus at railway station at every 15 minutes between 8 to 930am and evening as well

  5. Wherever Pre paid auto facility is there, the Registered Auto number is mentioned on the receipt. It is compulsory for the said auto driver to drop the passenger as per the prepaid receipt amount. If he refuses then Police should book him.
    It is not the duty of the passenger to search the auto who will ferry him as per the prepaid receipt.
    Police are doing good work by issuing prepaid receipts, but let them also ensure that the auto drivers adhere to it.

  6. The Police are spending so much of manpower to catch riders of two wheelers without helmets as if they are catching Veerapan. They should spend time fining these auto drivers who fleece the passengers. Who is backing them to do so much illegal work. First the police should catch these people and then to to riders without helmets

  7. It’s very appreciated your post,the same thing in public awerness must be there about the how auto drivers are asking for fare in BELGAVI smart city.No where’s this type of practice is found, they must go to other city and get back with there’s business. The proper authorities and department will act accordingly and the matter must be regular. Thanks.

  8. Government machinery to maintain law and order has kind of failed in this city. Especially in the case transport. Closing the booth may not be correct. Implementation of the things is required. Wrong side driving is a fashion in this city. Traffic management have not achieved what they should have.

  9. Law and order is the key to this so called SMART CITY. Putting the law on a piece of paper and keep it locked up in a safe place is not good enough strategy. Even before the law is passed lawmakers ought to know if in fact this law could be enforced in an effective way to protect the society in general. If it is not going to work out then why waste time, energy and taxpayers money in creating law just for the sake of it? Law is a law no one should be exception! Those who oppose or unwilling to follow the law should be punished according to punishable code put into the law. Illegal behavior should not be tolerated in the civilized society, regardless of which profession or what scale of higher authoritative position he/ she holds . It is one law for all NOT only for the certain group,class,gender, or ethnicity, etc. Law breakers should not be set free on account of offering few rupees or some kind of bribe scheme with arresting officer. Sanity should be preserved , respect should be earned, hatred needs to be put away by building loving community in which there is no limit to excel into a bright future.

  10. Seeing all the comments shows the total disconnect between citizens and administration. Babus believe meri marji.

  11. May the citizens of belagavi request RTO & police of belagavi to ceiez all autos without proper permit, insurance, driving licence, PUC, tax and meter?
    Also may we request police commissioner & DCP to give proper instructions to CPI crime & north + South traffic CPI to give essential protection & security at least to ola drivers specially at BUS STAND Area(Market police station Area), Yellur KLE (Shahapur police station Area) & Ramdev(APMC & MM Extension) to ply freely in Belgaum.
    As DCP sir quote if ola needs to take permission from RTO ask RTO to call ola manager & recommend to get what is necessary. Or if you feel its really illegal according to RTO or police seiez all ola vehicles are plying in Belgaum. Even they do have legal team being as corporate company so please do not ask poor ola drivers anything or give authority to auto drivers to ask not to ply ola in Belgaum. Who the hell are auto drivers to ask or threaten ola drivers . does the system is still exist in city? What police system is doing in the city then? Totally what is expected from system is to help passengers to get valuable service either ola, Uber, meter based autos & city bus. Let customer prioritize his choice not the auto drivers force passengers to sit in auto n pay whatever is expected by auto drivers.

  12. Police and RTO officals should be given free hand to control LAW and ORDER, this is only possible if the Ruling Government allows them to work honestly 🙂


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