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President inaugurates Suvarna Vidhan Soudha

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12.30 p.m.: The President Pranab Mukherje has arrived at the Halga site of the SVS.

12.45: inauguration function has begun. About one lakh people have gathered at the venue.

12.54: Welcome Speech in progress

IBNLokmat journalist DineshKeluskar detained by K’taka police for reporting on president visit 2 Belgaum

Karnataka police forcefully remove Marathi media from the venue

Several dignitaries attend the function. Veerappa Moily, Kumarswamy, Siddarmiah, Sadanand Gowda. Kore Umesh Katti also on stage

A few Kannada activists with flags at the venue are shouting while the speeches are going onand now police trying to handle them.

1.08: President rises to inaugurate
1.09:   President inaugurates the Suvrana Vidhan Soudha by pressing a button
1.10: CM Shettar starts his speech

Shettar mentions as “BELGAUM” in his speech in English. Again in the next line says Belgavi.

Shettar tells the history of the Suvarna Soudha how it was shifted from Vaccine Depot to the current site.

This building will be a new dawn to the people of North Karnataka. Winter session of the assembly would be held here each year in December. Thanks BSY once again.

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1.19: Governor starts his speech:  A new chapter in Karnataka.

Crowd outside the pandal is creating some kind of chaos as they want to come inside. Police looking to control them
1.25: Governor ends speech

1.25: CM Shettar is now felicitating the President with a Shawl, Rani Chennamama Silver memento

1.26: Inaugural speech by President
President starts his speech, he is wearing a Golden color turban
It is my privilege to be amidst you on this happy occasion on the land where Rani Chennamma was born. This is the same place where Tilak said “Freedom is my birth right”. This is piece of land where Congress session was held in 1924. I have the pleasure of opening this Suvarna Soudha.


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Full speech :
I am privileged to be amongst you on this happy occasion. This beautiful structure stands on sacred soil, which was once ruled by the great queen Kittur Chennamma, who challenged the colonial powers. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak launched the Home Rule League from Belgaum in 1916 with the words Freedom is my birthright. Mahatma Gandhiji presided over the historic Congress Session at Belgaum in 1924, the only occasion the Mahatma chaired any session of the Indian National Congress. Encouraged by the Congress session, people from Belgaum took active part in the freedom movement.

I understand Belgaum used to be known as Venu Grama (Village of the flute). Today, this region is the Sugar bowl of the State. It has made immense contribution to Karnataka’s history, education, literature, culture and economy.

True to its name, Belgaum is known for music, especially Hindustani music. Many stalwarts like Kumar Gandharva, Mallikarjuna Mansur, Gangubai Hangal and Bhimsen Joshi come from this area and have added glory to Indian classical music. The Belgaum session of the Indian National Congress witnessed a Kannada song by Gangubhai Hangal.

The 12th century thinker, social reformer, saint and religious teacher Basaveshwara lived in this part of the State and brought about sweeping social change in Karnataka and surrounding region.

This Suvarna Soudha is inheritor of a proud and glorious tradition. Democratic process started in erstwhile Mysore state much before the rest of the country. Maharaja Chamaraj Wadiyar established the Mysore Representative Assembly way back in 1881 and his son Maharaja Krishnaraj Wadiyar established a Legislative Council in 1907. Erstwhile Mysore was amongst the first princely states in India to start the formation of democratic institutions with a view to associating representatives of the people in the process of administration.

This Representative Assembly saw several transformations and evolved into a mature house of legislation which is what we see today in the form of the bi-cameral house of Karnataka Legislative Assembly and Karnataka Legislative Council.

I hope the northern districts of the State will now be much closer to governance and this will ensure balanced growth and development of the State by removing social, economical and educational imbalances. The Special Development Plan with the support of all political parties and the recommendations of the Dr. D.M. Nanjundappa High Level Committee on Redressal of Regional Imbalances which is being implemented across the state should help Karnataka achieve all round progress.

I am happy to inaugurate the “Suvarna Soudha”, built by the Karnataka Government at Belgaum in commemoration of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the formation of the State. I dedicate this second seat of legislature to the people of Karnataka and hope that it shall prove to be the epitome of good governance, bringing welfare and prosperity to the common man whose interests should be paramount in our political system.
1.36: Speech ends

1.40: National Anthem
Inaugural function ends

President enters the Soudha to have lunch and rest and will then address the joint session of the assembly.

20 thoughts on “President inaugurates Suvarna Vidhan Soudha”

  1. Thanks ABB, It great that me sitting in Bangalore Office and Getting the Complete Coverage of Belgaum..This type of event will prosper our city.

  2. @ Gentlemen Mr Ramchandra Bhosale ,Maharastra is so big that it is buckling under its own weight.Already there is a Stir going on on breaking Maharastra into Maharastra & Vidharbha. Imagine what will happen to Belgaum if it goes to Maharastra ? It will become a neglected city and will be in ruins.

  3. Nice coverage done by AAB.Kindly up load pics of the function.Missing a lot :(.Governor rightly said ,a new chapter in Karnataka!!!

    If Marathi politicians/people had behaved properly,by not blocking the roads,calling band etc etc,I think the situation would be nice for Marathi media.!!what will/did they achieve by doing all such things,just loss to their own state :)Its a provoking act..thats it.!

    • my name kiran
      i live in belgaum
      i things this too mach
      how many kan police are there in belgaum do you no ???????????
      in Karnataka history funny jokes

      BELGAUM should be Independen

      • you seem to have too much knowledge on Karnataka/Kannada.Nice :)There are in plenty !!!what do you mean by “kan police”..I think all policeman are kannada only..

  4. Another milestone added to the history of BELGAUM.
    It would be great if the videos of inauguration and speeches are uploaded very soon, so that it will help one and all who missed them.


  5. its a definitely a great step towards the due to belgaum a great city with immense potential tied by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats ,i Am a marathi by birth but i dont have anymosity for kannada or karnataka . my humble request to my kannada freinds is not to get involved with divisive ,linguistic divide .all should remember we are citizens of a great nation which is degraded because of corruption , in solapur maharstra kannada speaking people are happily residing as the govt doesnt descriminate on basis of language ,karnataka govt should learn from solapur model . what are the small demands of people respect for mutual culture ,language and opputunities without descrimination .even the vittal which is revered by all sants acroos maharastra and karnataka is called as kannada which shows the culture symbiosis from ages .some mean minded corrupt politicians from both sides try ti vitiate the atmosphere but we as citizens of these nation foil such attempts and try to make belgaum more prosperous and corruption free ……jai hind …. jai karnatak ……jai maharastra ……..

    • @ yuvraj patil: Love this !!! mann ki bath kahe daali. Belgaum is beautiful bcos of its climate and cosmo culture…Instead of fighting it would add colour to our city we both be one !

  6. Proud to be the citizen of SECOND CAPITAL OF KARNATAKA…..

    Belagaavi/Belgaum rocks again…..

    To those who are giving Solapur example here…..
    understand brothers…. the people in Solapur are Kannadigas and are not Saddists…. and were never tooo….

    Why dont marathis be part of Karnataka ?

    • Mr. U r so ckin religious,, shame on u, and am sure u r not origin from belgaum else u wud have’t said ”Why dont marathis be part of Karnataka ?” if u r realy from belgaum den u must know tht belgaum’s all marathi ppl r part of Karnataka. No belgaum origin Kannada ppl will say that, whtevr u said.
      Mind ur language boss! dont hurt marathi ppl as we dont have ne prob wid K’taka Govt n ppl. our dispute is only alive in politician’s mind and in media. as dey don have ne other career jus dey wanna become pointed n wanna publicity. U sud understand that!
      So i request u to stop increasing distance betwn us else it will spoil belgaum’s future. Don’t ever say Marathi ppl r maharashtrian only. . yes we have majority also n we are well settled origin from belgaum .and we love belgaum more dan u outsiders. If u r realy from belgaum origin den u sud understand d fact n reality n must try to save Belgaum as its gonna become Gr8 place.

      for yo kind info we r happy in belgaum n no prob wid kannada ppl who r origin from bgm. we appreciate K’taka govt for svs nd second capital. thts wht we r lookin for.

      U ppl sud not decide what marathi ppl have to do? we r fade up wid ppl like U( who jus have ego n wanna prove marathi ppl r bad) and MES also. so u both stop playin wid our emotions.
      try to do somthin better for belgaum.

      N one thing is i wud like to say!!
      Yes am a Proud to be the citizen of SECOND CAPITAL OF KARNATAKA….. but its because our pressure.. n u know wht??? we jus tryin to get pointed.. we ( belgaum) so K’taka govt has to make it second capital.

      So jai ho belgaum. u ppl also can pressurize our govt for better development. so it will be fruitful.

  7. Looks like a strong step towards the development of most ignored region of North Karnataka in early 1900. Hope all belgaumites will leave behind the past & make a second step towards development of Belgaum. This beautiful Belgaum belongs to Kannada & Marathi people, and each of us are proud of being a Belgaumite. Let the Belgaum prosper & god bless this region with peace & brotherhood.

  8. Greetings!
    Guys thts awesome step, Thnx to K’taka Govt. for making it second capital. wow!! we Marathi also feeling comfortable as our belgaum became a Second Capital and in futer it may become a capital of North-Karnataka State. More development, more growth, more opportunities n everything will convenient.

    Cheers for Belgaum as a Capital Of new State.


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