President will use Helicopter to reach GIT, instead of road

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In a special review meeting held by the Regional Commissioner PA Meghannavar in regards to the visit of the President to the city, the officials were of the opinion that it would be better to fly him to the venue at GIT Udymabag rather than driving him from Airport.

The officials said the roads are ‘non motorable’ and hence it is preferred that the the President uses a helicopter to reach the venue.

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President Ramnath Kovind is scheduled to inaugurate the platinum jubilee celebrations on September 15 of Karnatak Law Society in Gogte Institute of Technology.

Now the local administration is awaiting a approval from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and if approved then two helipads would be built near Macche village which is near to VTU Guest house. The guest house can be used by the President and then he can be driven to the venue within 10 minutes.
The approximate 5.2 KM stretch from the VTU to GIT can be covered in 10 minutes, other wise the president will have to cover 25 kms via road from the airport.

The PWD has been instructed to remove all road humps from the airport to the venue, and all roads leading to the venue will have to be repaired as other guests like Governor, Chief Minister, Attorney General, Chief Justice of the Supreme court, Chief justice of the High courts would also be attending the function.

The PWD will also be looking after the stage and GIT campus as per the protocol.

12 thoughts on “President will use Helicopter to reach GIT, instead of road”

  1. If PWD can work for president arrival,why can’t they work for the common man also, president is coming just for a few hours,Belgaum people are suffering every day… Everyone including staff of PWD travel the same roads I believe, atleast do it for your own comfort..

  2. Wow yeh hain India
    Still our thinking are same,strange but so true
    India will never change I think
    Mr. President is coming for only hours
    They said roads are not motorable
    Then it’s duty of all concerned officers to make him realize the issue others face
    Or even better if we parcel all GIT to Delhi on motorable roads

  3. President should and must travel the road and experience the pain of citizens who go through this agony on every day basis. You decision making officials should be ashamed of yourself to render special treatment to higher authorities, please note that everyone’s life is precious and not only the life of officials. Fix the roads or make an arrangement to fly every citizens to and from their place of employment /schools etc.

  4. I think someone should send a tweet to the president to come by road, so this way atleast the road’s will get repaired. I am sure PWD will not repair the road’s if they get permission for the helicopter. Its high time our city politicians intervene and help the people in need….


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