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Private doctors decide to go on indefinite strike

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Outpatient services in private hospitals and nursing homes in Belagavi have been mostly hit and now with the IMA’s decision to go on an indefinite strike, it will be hard times for the patients.

Doctors are opposing the amendments to the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act, 2007, which among others propose six months to three years of jail term and hefty penalty for medical negligence.

Doctors are still protesting near the Suvarna Soudha Belagavi and today MLA Feroz Saith also met the striking doctors.

In the day a Mother Begged to the doctors at the protest site to Save Her Kid who was brought in an ambulance. How ever the doctors on site did not treat but only gave assurances.

Agitating doctors have decided to intensify their protest against the KPME bill by indefinitely shutting down out-patient department (OPD) services and elective surgeries from Thursday, except emergency services, including dialysis and chemotherapy.

8 thoughts on “Private doctors decide to go on indefinite strike”

  1. ???KPME ACT???
    Why this act is against the common man?
    These are the major drawbacks:
    ———-District Redressal Committee——–
    –State already has 7 agencies to take care of patients grievances .
    –Committee members do not have adequate knowledge on complexities of the treatment given to the patients.
    –This committee gives scope for harrassment and extortion from doctors.
    –There is no structure for further appeal nor there is scope for representation by a lawyer on behalf of the doctor. Which is one of the basic right of a Indian citizen.
    ———–PRICE CAPPING————–
    –Why people prefer private hospitals inspite of having an excellently structured Government health care system like PHC, CHC, Taluka Hospitals, District Hospitals.
    That’s because people expect quality healthcare for themselves and their loved ones and that quality comes at a price.
    The private establishments need to invest in land, building infrastructure, good equipment and qualified experienced doctors and support staff. All this requires money.
    Where will this investment come from????
    Government does not subsidise anything for private hospitals or doctors. They have to pay a plethora of taxes, fees for tens of permissions and their associated bribes without which the government machinery just does not move.
    The fear of harsh punishment and humiliation for seemingly silly reasons which has lack of knowledge of evidence based modern medicine, will scare the doctors to treat any patient as the complication in medical field can never be predicted inspite of good intentions of the doctor
    So who will be responsible for the patient’s health in this scenario?
    Price capping will discourage hospitals from providing world class equipments and doctors as that will require more funding
    Then where the common man will get treated?? Other state??? Other country????
    Rich people will fly out to various other cities in India or abroad for their treatment
    The only person who won’t have the facility will be the common man as government can’t provide state of art treatment and the private sector would have either been closed or come down to the same quality like that of the government setup.
    Soon with these terrible laws in place you will find doctors leaving the state and may be the country. So in the end who is this going to help??? NOBODY.
    The system will collapse and there will be wide spread failure in public health care delivery.

    This is why we private doctors are on strike
    We don’t want to inconvenience our patients but we want to practice peacefully n are just asking the government to help us do so
    On an open field without any equipment n medicines at hand how can we treat anyone?

  2. Dear Editor,
    Kindly let me know the Reason for deleting my Comment. For me it was a Fact which i had mentioned.
    If you think it contains something special, then i will understand your support for the Doctors.


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