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Probably India’s First Student Career Internship Program Organized by St. Paul’s School and Its Alumni

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The Paulites of Belgaum Worldwide, in collaboration with St. Paul’s High School in Camp, Belagavi, recently organized the first-ever career internship program for the students of St. Paul’s High School. This program was not only unique but also introduced a format that had never been seen before in India.

To kickstart the program, the students were provided with an orientation session that showcased the diverse range of career options available to them. Esteemed mentors from various fields were invited to deliver lectures, sharing their insights and experiences on the advantages and disadvantages of specific careers.

Mr. Harshal Bhoyar, CEO of Zilla Panchayat, spoke about civil services; Dr. Mahadev Dixit, a renowned surgeon, who shared his expertise in the medical field; Mr. Rajendra Belgaumkar, an accomplished engineer; Mr. Praveen Bavdekar, an architect; and Mr. Qais Bhavnagari, former President of CREDAI, who discussed entrepreneurship. The students had the opportunity to engage in lively interactions with these professionals, gaining valuable knowledge and insights.

The students who have chosen the medical field had the privilege of being mentored by Dr. Madhav Prabhu. During their educational journey, they had the opportunity to visit the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, as well as the nursing, physiotherapy, dental, and pharmacy colleges. This allowed them to gain valuable insights into these fields.

Paulites of Belgaum Worldwide, in collaboration with St. Paul's High School in Camp, Belagavi first-ever career internship program for the students

During their visits, the students had the chance to interact with esteemed individuals such as the deans, directors, and registrar of the University. They were also given the opportunity to explore the pathology, anatomy, and forensic science museums, which provided them with a deeper understanding of these subjects. Additionally, the students were able to gain hands-on experience at the renowned KLEs clinical skills lab, which is considered the finest in this part of the world.

Furthermore, the students had the privilege of visiting the KLE hospital, where they had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Dayanana MD of KLEs Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital. This allowed them to gain real-time experience and insights into different super specialties. Notably, Dr. Preeti Kore, Dr. N. S. Mahantshetti, and Dr. M. S. Ganachari also took the time to interact with the students, further enriching their learning experience.

On the other hand, for students interested in civil services, Mr. Kiran Nippanikar served as their mentor. Under his guidance, the students were provided with an in-depth understanding of various government departments and their functions. This allowed them to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the civil services field.

Mr. Ashok Dudgunti, Commissioner of the Belgaum City Corporation, and Mr. S N Sidramappa, Commissioner of Police, along with Mrs. J. Jayabharathi, Additional Commissioner of Central Tax & Central Excise, and Mr. S F Kallolkar, Deputy Conservator of Forest for Belagavi, were among the esteemed government officials who engaged with the students and provided guidance on pursuing careers in government service. This program offered students the unique opportunity to interact with these distinguished individuals and gain firsthand knowledge about their roles, responsibilities, and the challenges they encounter in their daily work.

At the GIT Engineering College, the students were mentored by Mr. Raj Belgaumkar. They were introduced to various fields in engineering and exposed to branches such as robotics and astrophysics. The students had the chance to explore tinkering labs and stick work labs and were shown how hackathons are conducted. Additionally, they were taught how to develop and transform ideas into reality.

Under the guidance of Mr. Sameer Majli, the commerce students were introduced to the process of building careers in business. They also had the opportunity to interact with successful businessmen who shared insights on establishing businesses, ethical practices, and industry standards. The students were informed about the diverse choices available in the field of commerce. Furthermore, Mr. Rohit Deshpande from Alpha Honda delivered a lecture for the students at the Honda Showroom in Camp, Belagavi.

The hotel management students had the privilege of being mentored at the prestigious Effa School of Hotel Management, under the guidance of Mrs. Nilofer Kodachwad. A total of 130 students were given the invaluable opportunity to explore various career paths and engage in internships with accomplished alumni from St. Paul’s High School.

Following these informative sessions, the students were encouraged to contemplate their own career aspirations. They were given the freedom to choose the paths they wished to pursue. To further enhance their understanding, the students were provided with hands-on experience in their chosen fields. They were given the opportunity to interact with successful professionals, gaining practical insights and guidance.

Overall, this career internship program organized by The Paulites of Belgaum Worldwide and St. Paul’s High School was a groundbreaking initiative that not only exposed students to a wide range of career options but also provided them with invaluable experiences and interactions with professionals in their desired fields.

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