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In today’s world, every job comes equipped with its own toolkit. Even new employees are provided with a joining kit to ensure a smooth and enjoyable start to their work. So, shouldn’t we also consider simplifying and enhancing our lives with a similar approach?

Belagavi is truly fortunate to have embraced and upheld all of our traditions and customs with great enthusiasm, thus preserving our rich heritage. Our parents, grandparents, aunts, and neighbors play a crucial role in teaching us about our customs and guiding us to follow them. They understand that festivals and traditions bring people together, spread happiness, and strengthen our society. However, many individuals are unaware of how to properly celebrate Diwali, beyond indulging in traditional delicacies.

Therefore, I present to you a basic toolkit for our very own Diwali. While it may not cover every aspect, it will undoubtedly add more depth and significance to your Diwali celebrations.


1. Lights and Lanterns – Diwali is all about Lights. Don’t sit at home, come out and head towards Maruti Galli and grab your favorite earthen lamps, lamp holders, tea lights, Akash Kandil, and more. A small lamp and lantern at your door have the strength to brighten the whole house.

turned on string light

2. String lights – Bapat Galli, Kadolkar Galli, Maruti Galli and elsewhere you will find starry strings of lights. Pick some bright sparkling ones in an assortment of colors and deck up your living room and outdoors for the perfect Diwali- wali feel


3. Faraal – What is Diwali without Chakli, Chivda, Chirote, Karanji, Laddu, Shankarpali, Shev, Farsan and more? If you like DIY, you get pre-mixes at stores. Just mix and fry. If you can’t, book your stock in advance. Not all makers make them in large quantities. Check online for recommendations and feel free to try new recipes.

4. Utane, Moti soap – Diwali mornings are made all the more special with a customary Ararti with scented oils and a bath with Moti soap and fragrant powder (Utane). Let the kids know why this Abhyangsnan (whole body deep tissue massage and bath) is so important – the oils penetrate deep in your skin in the winter months and the Utane helps scrub and cleanse the skin.

Diwali Belagavi Style

5. The karante fruit (Cucumis melo var. agrestis) and its vine – a type of musk melon that grows on vines during this season. It is crushed under the feet by the family elders, signifying the destruction of evil forces in our lives. In the evening on Dhanteras, the vine is tied to pots and pitchers filled with water along with a small puja, signifying the importance of water in our lives.

Diwali Belagavi Style

6. Pooja thali – decorate your thali, whether it’s silver, copper, or brass, and perform Arati with bright lamps, some kumkum and akshata. Diwali arati is performed several times across the three days- early morning of the first day before Abhyangsnan, at the evening of Laxmi Pooja, on Padava when the wife does it for the husband and then on Bhaubeej when the sister does it for the brother(s). So keep your wicks dipped in ghee ready for the auspicious Arati.


7. Churmure- Battase – you may decide to offer any amount of sweets and treats to your guests for Laxmi Pooja, but the real fun is in Churmure Battase (sugar coins)

Diwali Belagavi Style

8. Crackers – not the loud ones, but the small button size ‘kepa’ by using special ‘guns’. Celebrate at night using Lightworks that light up the sky and add to the joys.


9. Gifts – anything that the receiver feels happy to get. It need not be expensive for sure. A book, a dress, or even a box of sweets brings a smile to the face. Add a personal note about how that person means to you and wish them personally

person holding box

10. Personal messages – avoid forwards and reposts. Why can’t you write a small Diwali wish to your friends and loved ones? Click a nice picture and add some captions to make your own e-greeting.

11. Killa – you don’t need to be a child to experience the joys of making a Diwali Fort. Gather your kids, their friends, and neighborhood children, get some mud and plan your architectural marvel that any king would envy. Decorate with soldiers, planes, animals and moats, make a lake, light up with fairy lights and voila, your Diwali Killa is ready. Now take chalk and go on marking the directions to your ‘Killa’ on the road so that more people know about it. That’s what we did when there was no marketing budget!


And finally, take tons of pictures and share them with everyone to immortalize your memories.

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