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Products & Services identified with Export Potential from Belagavi District

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In a reply to a question in the Parliament by Dr. Krishna Pal Singh Yadav:

Shrimati Sandhya Ray, Minister Of State In The Ministry Of Commerce and Industry Smt. Anupriya Patel replied –

Products and services with export potential have been identified under the Districts as Export Hubs initiative in all districts of the country.

Products/Services identified with Export Potential from Belagavi District

Hulled Wheat, Organic Jaggery, Sugar, Raisins, Iron castings, Industrial castings, hydraulic pressure equipment, Pump and Valve Accessories, Engineering components, Aerospace components), Kolhapuri Chapals, Turmeric, Milk-based value-added products, Pomegranate

District export action plans include identifying specific actions required to support local exporters/manufacturers in producing/manufacturing identified products in adequate quantity and with the requisite quality and reaching potential buyers outside India. This includes identifying and addressing challenges for exports of the identified products/services, improving the supply chains, market accessibility and hand-holding for increasing exports.


As the focus under Districts as Export Hubs initiative will be on export growth of identified products, manufacturing of some of these products will also get a boost, leading to less import dependence. Scaling up production and improving the quality standards of the products helps in creating a conducive environment for exporters and manufacturers to compete internationally.

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