Protests against cinema hall screening Pathaan film in Belagavi

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On Tuesday night, 30 activists were arrested and a case was registered against them at Khadebazar Police Station for tearing posters of Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie, Pathan at Swaroop theater Belagavi.

In response to the protest, a police van was deployed near the Swaroop movie theater in Belagavi as a precautionary measure.

The protest against the screening of Pathan has been gaining momentum, with many expressing their opposition to the movie in many parts of the country.

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The movie, starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, is set to be released on January 25. Pro-Hindu organizations across the country have accused the movie of insulting Hinduism by dressing the actress in saffron in the song Besharam Rang and filming the song in a shameless color, and have warned of a boycott campaign against the film.

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