Puranic Associations of Belgaum

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Many places in the Belgaum district have been associated with mythological traditions. There are as many 5 Ramteerths namely 1)in the Parasgad Fort 2)at Mullur in Ramdurg 3)Near Kanbargi 4) Ramteertha in Athani & 5) in Halashi in Khanapur Taluk which are described as visited by Rama who installed Ramlinags at these places.

Ramdurg fort is the place ascribed to the place where Shabri had met Rama.
Sogal is the place where Sugolmuni performed penance.
The Yellama Gudda is called the site where Jamadgani had lived and the dramatic evenrts of his son Prashurama beheading his mother Renuka at his fathers bidding having taken place.
Jamboti is associated with Jambavati, lord Krishna’s consort & Jambvant’s daughter.

Source: The Karnataka State Gazetteer
Contributed by MAHANTESH VAKKUND, Bangalore 

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