PYAAS Foundation Successfully Rejuvenates Macche Lake

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The completion of the Macche Lake rejuvenation project marks a significant milestone as the Pyaas Foundation officially handed over the revitalized lake to the minor irrigation department and the residents of the village. Initiated in 2021 through corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions from AKP Ferrocasts, the restoration of Macche Lake was prompted by the villagers’ plea due to severe groundwater depletion in the area.

Responding swiftly to the community’s call, the Belagavi-based Pyaas Foundation, with the invaluable assistance of Mr. Ram Bhandare, Mr. Parag Bhandare, and Mr. Gautam Bhandare from AKP Ferrocasts, undertook the project.

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Extending over four acres, the lake underwent extensive dredging up to twenty feet, removing accumulated silt, and reinforcing its banks. The endeavor, supported by approximately 17 lakhs in CSR funding, was further complemented by the minor irrigation department’s efforts, led by Shri Abhay Patil MLA, which included constructing retaining walls, a reservoir, and ramps to ensure project completion.

The positive impact of the rejuvenation project has already been felt within the village, evident in the sustained water flow from nearby wells, defying expectations amidst limited rainfall. This timely intervention has enabled local farmers to cultivate vegetables during this season, a feat previously hindered by water scarcity.

In a ceremonious event held at the lake’s premises on February 24th, the Macche Lake was officially handed over to the minor irrigation department. Mr. Ram Bhandare, Chairman and Managing Director of AKP Ferrocasts, symbolically passed on the responsibility to Mr. S Malagi, Assistant Executive Engineer of the minor irrigation department. Gratitude was expressed by Dr. Madhav Prabhu towards AKP Ferrocasts for their unwavering support and the villagers for entrusting the Pyaas Foundation with the task.

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Mr. Ram Bhandare conveyed his contentment with the accomplished work and pledged continued assistance to the village in the future. Mr. Malagi commended the foundation’s efforts in revitalizing various lakes across the city. The occasion was attended by members of the Pyaas Foundation, AKP Ferrocasts personnel, and villagers, with Mr. Avadhoot Samant, the project coordinator, overseeing the proceedings.

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