Belagavi Loksabha Opinion Poll Reveals Discontent with Incumbent MP-Calls for Change with a Fresh Face

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We conducted an online opinion Poll for the Belagavi Loksabha Constituency and here are the results –
Overall, the poll reflects a dissatisfaction with the incumbent MP’s performance and a desire for change, particularly regarding infrastructure development, employment, and healthcare services. Voters also prefer new candidates over established ones, indicating a desire for fresh leadership and ideas.


Majority of respondents are registered voters (99%), predominantly male (92.5%) and fall within the age group of 31-40 years (34.9%).

Satisfaction with MP:

Overall, there is considerable dissatisfaction with the work of MP Smt. Mangal Suresh Angadi, with 37.3% fully dissatisfied and only 9.3% fully satisfied.

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Opinion on Re-election:

A significant majority (70.6%) believe their sitting MP should not be given another chance.

Similarly, 78.9% do not think the sitting MP’s family should be given a chance.

Assessment of Changes:

Respondents perceive improvements in infrastructure (534), construction of RoBs (477), and health facilities (438) over the past 5 years. However, there is also a significant perception of deterioration in certain areas, such as lack of air connectivity (24.5%) and focus on agri-tech industries (38.3%).

Factors influencing voting decision:

Most respondents assess political candidates based on researching various channels (52.3%), followed by news on TV/social media (37%) and articles in newspapers (31.2%).

Major Issues:

Lack of employment (44.8%) and absence of major industries (67.5%) are the most pressing concerns in the constituency, followed by issues related to affordable health services, infrastructure improvements, and agricultural technology industries.

Voting Preferences:

A majority (77.5%) prefer to vote for a fresh new face as their MP.

When voting for a candidate, respondents prioritize the candidate’s profile (50.9%) over the political party (40%) or family background (1.2%).

Opinions were gathered from 14-02-2024 to 25/02/2024

Some important Disclaimers:

Sample size –

Most surveys in India end up interviewing less than 0.05% of voters. Our sample size was 1545 in total which is more than the sample size 915(approx).

Only Registered Voters –

Only those whose opinions were registered were voters. There were % of the people who took this opinion poll but did not opine as they were not registered, Voters

Internet savvy people bias –

As this was an Internet-based poll, only those persons who were Internet savvy voted hence this is a big limitation.

Margin of Error – As the responses were not gathered in person like other opinion polls, there can be a margin of error.

But one has to understand that we aren’t predicting seats, we are just trying to get a sense of the voters and their alignment with a political party and what is there in their mind.

And here are the opinions that were submitted by various readers –

Are you a Registered Voter

Yes: 99%

No: 1%

Male: 92.5%
Female: 7.5%
Transgender: 0

18-22 Years – 4.9%
23-25 Years – 7.7%
26-30 years – 19.7%
31-40 years – 34.9%
41-50 years – 18.3%
51- 60 years – 11.8%
61- 70 years – 2.6%
Above 70 years – 0.1

Are you satisfied with the work of MP Smt. Mangal Suresh Angadi in your constituency for past five years – satisfied or dissatisfied?

Fully satisfied – 9.3%
Somewhat satisfied – 25.2%
Somewhat dissatisfied – 17.4%
Fully dissatisfied – 37.3%
Can’t say – 10.8%

Do you think that your sitting MP should be given another chance?

Yes – 18.1%
No – 70.6%
Cant say – 11.3%

Do you think your sitting MP’s Family should be given a chance?

Yes – 13%
No – 78.9%
Cant say – 8.1%

In the past 5 years, Do you think the following have improved, deteriorated or remained the same?

ImprovedRemained sameDeterioratedDont Know
Condition of roads68162422218
Health facilities43887018057
Drinking Water supply384777258126
Construction of RoB’s47772631230

On what basis do you assess a political candidate?

News on TV/Social Media – 37.%
Articles in the newspapers – 31.2%
Attend events where the candidate is addressing the people – 20.9%
I research all the channels before making my choice- 52.3%
The family of the candidate – 7.3%

(Top 5 Voted displayed )

Major Issues of the Constituency

(Top Voted displayed )

Lack of Employment- 44.8%
Step motherly treatment from Govt – 40.2%
Improvement of affordable health services… – 43%
Infrastructure improvements like Rail,Bus – 50.9%
No major big Industries is a major hurdle for development -67.5%
Lack of Air Connectivity – 24.5%
Lack of Focus on Agri Tech industries – 38.3%
Lack of New age techno parks – 64.1%

You will Vote for a Candidate because of

Political Party he/she Belongs to – 40%
Family he/she belongs to – 1.2
Candiadtes Profile – 50.9%
Other – 7.9%

Would you prefer to Vote for a FRESH new FACE as your MP?

Yes – 77.5%
No – 6.1%
Maybe – 16.4%

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