Pyaas Foundation undertakes rejuvenation of sixth lake at Bhavihal


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PYAAS FOUNDATION invites you to the ground breaking ceremony of our sixth lake at Bhavihal, about 39 kms from Belagavi.

The Bhavihal lake project is nestled in the midst of four villages, the entire area is arid and depends heavily on rain water for every activity. The four villages include Nagnur with a population of 5000, Sampgav with a population of 8000, Bhavihal 2000 and Yarguppa 1500.

Wealth creation

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The villages also have a total cattle herd coming upto 2500.

Lake is four and half acres and will be a huge asset to the nearly 16000 population from the villages and would take a month to complete with a cost of Rs.18 lakhs . The primary purpose of the water will be drinking and to some extent supplementing the demands for agriculture.

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  1. A very nice job of phase foundation.go buck of full development.


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