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“Quest for Peace” Foiled: Belagavi Police Seize 26 Lakhs from Contractor en-route Goa

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By uday

The Belagavi police on Friday thwarted the plans of a Kolhapur-based contractor who was on a mission to find peace in Goa. The man, who had a heated argument with his wife, decided to leave for Goa with ₹26 lahks in cash.

However, his plans were foiled when he was intercepted by the Belagavi police on Friday night. The man was driving his car and carrying unaccounted cash when he was stopped by the police.

Upon questioning, the man revealed that he was tired of his wife and wanted to escape to Goa to find peace. He was carrying cash as he feared his wife would track him down through his online transactions. The contractor claimed that he was using Google Maps to navigate his way to Goa and was unaware of the ongoing elections in Belagavi.

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The Belagavi police seized the cash and handed it over to the Income Tax officials. The contractor has been booked by the Belagavi Market Police for carrying unaccounted cash. This incident serves as a reminder to all that carrying large amounts of cash without proper documentation can lead to serious consequences.

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