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Raids carried out in Hindalga Jail – Beedi, Radio set, tobacco recovered

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Belagavi city police commissioner D C Rajappa and his team carried out a raid on the Hindalga central jail on Tuesday and recovered several items and substances from the jail inmates. The raids were conducted in the backdrop of the upcoming elections.

The 200 strong team led by D C Rajappa searched all the barracks, bags and suspicious places on the prison premises. Each nook and corner of the century old jail was searched.


Criminals like Bannanje Raja, Cyanide Manja and Pradeep Shetty are lodged in the dark cells but they seem to enjoy special treatment inside their dark cells.

37 items were recovered which include radio sets, beedi packets, 1.5 kg of tobacco and other items.

Interestingly A TV set was recovered from the cell where Bannanje Raja is lodged. The TV is required to be installed at a common place in the jail. It is said that the TV was shied to Raja’s cell, as there were fights between inmates over the possession of the remote control. The raids have brought out serious lapses on the part of prison officials reported the Deccan Herald.

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