Railway over bridge works starts and Stops


There were chaotic scenes near Bhandur Galli-Kapileshwar road railway gate this afternoon. The railway officials had come along with a JCB machine and started to dig to which the local residents opposed saying there was a stay. The railway gate was also closed saying work in progress.railway-overbridge

But the opposition to the work increased and police had to be called in. The officials said that, Railway department has replied that they wont touch any buildings for the work to be undertaken but at the end the Railway officials had to leave the place and refill the portion of the road which was dug up by them.


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  1. The solution to traffic bottlenecks is more sensible driving. We see people come from both sides when the gate just opens. You can make the road 200 feet the rush is going to stay due to indiscipline. We all need to be patient and display common sense. Give a thought to those affected by this.


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