Rainfall deficient by 60%


love dale belagavi

The monsoon this year has not been very kind and Belgaum taluka  has received 60% deficcient rainfall.
The district which receives an average of 213mm has got only 90mm.
The month of June had a deficiency of 54%.
The farmers are in a fix as they will be forced to re sow their crop.
Drinking water problems are on a rise as water levels at Rakaskop and Hidkal is very low.
The good signs are that from yesterday there has been some good raiinfall but it is not continous.

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. With the increase in ecological imbalance of the earth things are changing for good or bad ? Lets be positive. Though it is late it will rain good. Earlier we have seen late rains yet sufficient. Lets hope this time as well….


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