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Rains playing Fear Factor in Belgaum

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The rains are causing fear in the minds of people. Until last week, all were praying the rains to come and now that rains are pouring, people are praying otherwise.


The whole of Sunday it rained heavily, rainfall recorded was 37.5 mm. All the gutters and drains were over flowing. Water had inundated a few low lying areas like Shastri nagar etc. Even water had entered a few houses.


In the morning, parts of maratha Colony were under water but after an hour the water receded.  When I spoke to a few persons in Maratha Colony they all had kept their Cars on Congress Road, some at their friends place somewhere else. I was one amongst them all to keep my car and scooters on congress road away from my house so that they do not swim. (My car and scooters have swimed for two occasions in the past) I saw a few houses in Chennama Nasgar 1st stage where water had entered the compounds, as the drains had nowhere to go.


Heavy rains have now taken a toll on the roads also. Some of the few good roads that were remaining have now some big potholes. Fear Factor is on the roads now. Skidding of bikers on the top loose khadi is common on almost all roads. Commuters try to skip some potholes and ride the wrong way causing trouble for other commuters. The scene is the same all over the city. I had planned to write on the bad roads, instead I should only mention the good roads, that would be easy and a small list.

I will get you some pictures of the wonderful potholes in a day’s time. In the mean time if you have some send them, I will post them here.

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