Rajesh Khatavkar gets CID bravery award


Rajesh Gopalrao Khatavkar from Belgaum city has been awarded the C.I.D. Gallantry Award, under the Physical Bravery category, instituted by Sony Entertainment.
Mr. Rajesh Khatavkar a resident of Belgaum was on a visit to the bank on 18th December, 2001. He had an encounter with the dacoits who had an intention to commit bank dacoity. Mr. Khatavkar struggled and caught hold of one dacoit along with the cash and handed them over to the police. His act of honesty, risking his life was indeed one that requires tremendous courage. In another such incident, there was a fire accident where a business premise ‘Wasim Gadi Kharkane’ was enveloped with fire in Pangulgalli. Mr. Khatavkar once again risked his life and saved a 6 month child and also prevented the spread of fire. Besides these incidents, Rajesh has also risked his life in saving the property in a fire accident in Khadebazaar and also in Bhovigalli. His efforts over the years to save life and property are indeed commendable. Khatavkar also does correspondence with various departments to streamline government policies.

The event will be telecast live today(26th Jan) at 9pm on Sony entertainment channel.

The Awards
CID Gallantry Awards is an initiative by SONY Entertainment Television to encourage and felicitate acts of bravery in the society. The Award is aimed at bringing to fore the unsung heroes – common people who have committed acts of bravery in real life. CID Gallantry Awards also gives the consumers an additional outlet to connect with their favourite show – CID.



  1. I appreciate your selfless social service, your act is an inspiration to all those who wants to create an niche in the Society for working to the humanity regardless of cast color and creeds. I am so glad to see you receiving CID Bravery AWARD –one more feather to our home town BELGAUM.

    -Regds : Momin

  2. I Just now saw this gentleman being awarded on CID's Bravery awards program and the old interaction clip being shot at Shivaji Garden Belgaum.
    Feels so good about his bravery and a sense of appreciation for being a citizen of our Home town.


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