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Rajiv Gandhi brigade protests against helmet compulsion

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The members of the Rajiv Gandhi brigade today submitted a memorandum to the DC stating that compulsion of helmets in city limits should be removed as the incidents of chain snatching, attack and assault by unidentified persons will increase.

The memorandum says good roads can prevent accidents and not helmets.rgb

Also police should strictly not allow the happening of drag races by the youth in Tilakwadi, Bauxite road,Sahaydri Nagar etc.

Helmets are needed on highway and not in the city limits.

0 thoughts on “Rajiv Gandhi brigade protests against helmet compulsion”

    • So you can save the money you father gave you to buy a helmet and buy domestic liquor at a wine shop instead, get drunk, race to Amboli and kill a cyclist and break your collar bone in the process?
      Where do you idiots get these ideas?

  1. I too agree that Helmets should not be made compulsory within city limits…. Better maintainance of roads and disciplined driving are more important for safety than helmets…

    • Dumb Do you even know what you are talking about? How will ‘better maintenance of roads’ help reduce accidents? Any like you can come and hit any other that’s opposing the rule.
      Wear a helmet.

  2. People are worried about chain snatching, assaults and attacks. They aren’t bothered about deaths being caused by accidents and wearing a helmet

  3. This protest is total nonsense.. I wonder how much of inconvenience it would be to wear a helmet and drive.. this is for our safety.. wearing seat belts should also be made mandatory.. accidents do not come telling how bad it would be..
    And about chain snatching threats, police should be more vigil on this.

  4. Mouka mila ke lag jaate hai sabhi publicity lootneke liye….. helmet is for our safety. and if you want really to do anything then protest for better roads that is genuine.
    and on highways only ?????? helmet has to be used on both….. and compulsorily in city.

  5. The views put forth by Rajiv Gandhi brigade is stated without proper Analysis. It is not known how many experienced drivers are there in the brigade.Apart from head injury in an accident which kills a person or making the condition still worse make him invalid for life if surgery fails , making the person insane or other mental problems ,these facts were not analysed by the Brigade.Accidents are not only caused by bad roads ,it is also the negligence of the Biker/driver in a inhebirated condition or preoccupied thoughts etc during driving.There is another reason that if the biker./car driver is careful the other person in the mental state as mentioned above may be at fault.All these definately prove that helmets are a must ,wheather enforced by law or not in the Bikers intrest of saftey.Now a days all the world bank projects stress on saftey gears ,without which a personnel is not allowed or penalty is enforced.In fact in addition to helmets a saftey jacket which is visible in the dark should be made mandatory for bikers during night driving. Considering in totality life is more precious than gold or any valuables.

  6. these protesters are , they cannot think properly. their memorandum is rubbish. before handing over of their statement to the dc they had to make an imaginary experiment . chain snatchers, attacks and assault are always unidentified because these people use helmet and mask. they attack and run and it happens maximum at night time. but at the same time we cannot stop anyone from wearing a helmet and all helmet users are not choor. the victim is always found and identified but cannot do anything as he is not wearing helmet. if the victim wears helmet the attack on his head is avoided and snatching of chain may be difficult for the goonda. material things can be forgotten, but with personal injury whole family is injured The protesters should think some other idea

  7. These ppl are fools…..they will realize when their son/daughter will die of hear injury.

    Real Fools ……no other word to describe them


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