Rajyotsava celebrated Black day observed

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The 55th Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated with great fanfare in the city. Not many leaders were seen at the celebrations.raj

04Mr. Katti unfurled the national flag and offered prayers to Bhuvaneshwari amidst performances by folk artistes. A procession of tableaux was taken out through the city.

The Marathi speaking public lead by MES observed the day as a black day and took out a silent march in the morning and concluded the day with a meeting.05


Incidents: a bus was stoned by unidentified miscreants in the evening at Govaes.

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  1. Uday

    One request,

    Why cant you/we start addressing the land marks of the town by their official names ?

    Ex: We call the Circle as Bogarves – Where it is offcially Dharmaveer Sambhaji chowk,

    We call the Cirlce as Goaves – Where it is Basaveshwar cirle

    You are the media and people learn from you, I request you to kindly address the land marks now onwards with offcial names please.

  2. The people who are supporting MES are MAD.
    I don't know why people still support MES, who are just playing POLITICS in Belgaum and nothing else.All these protests,/marches etc are useless and not going to result in anything.The Belgaum youth should realise this and only DEVELOPMENT should be the goal of every Belgaumite.

  3. whether official or unofficial the old names are much better than new names which would have been done by our local politician for their own gains. There are many cities with Sambhaji chowk and Basaveshwar cirle in maharastra karnataka respectively but Goaves/Bogarves are only in belgaum and they were named so with the intention of guiding people travelling towards goa it may have been goa-ways which became goaves (could be bad english during british rule). I am interested to know how the name bogarves originated may be uday can do some history research and post here.

    • In ancient days there were some families called “Bogar” who had bangle business in these streets. And as you told earlier in you comment because of language, Bogar-ways becomes “Bogarves” now.

      And I feel these are unique names in our city.

  4. Other than just talking about dividing people and conducting dharnas and playing petty politics has MES done any thing else? Its shame on Belgaumites who support them. Why cant they fight for some infrastructure for the…etc?

  5. I really agree with Rajiv, If MES is so much concerns about Marathi speaking people living in the Belgaum city then they have to fight for the poor infrastructure in the village area where there is no electricity, no drinking water, educated peoples are unemployed, no industries, no developments etc. There are so many burning issues still exist in and around the Belgaum. Why don’t this MES fight for these issues and become hero in Belgaum.

  6. @ Kapil

    I feel you are bent towars GOA very much, why dont you leave Belgaum and get settled up in there ?

    If you dont want new name then its your problem, but they are official and thats the reason I am requesting it to Uday, If your so concerned about your damn “VES” then try making them official officially ….

    • Mahantesh,
      This is the fifth time you have said " Leave Belgaum" to someone. Wow you do look like a strong man,,,,, can you be my Bodygaurd??? I am a Kannada accent person who is always mocked in a place where I am a minority???
      Mahantesh's response to Kapil was completely inappropriate. Why wasn't it moderated?

    • @ Mahantesh
      I had to take this painful decision to leave Belgaum in search of job and had to stay away. I have spent my childhood in belgaum and hence know the uniqueness of city more than you. It also is special place to me no matter where I settle I know that I would prefer to spend my old age and die in BGM (many of my friends who have settled outside there home town say the same thing). You are one lucky guy staying in his home town.
      Instead of telling other to leave belgaum it would be better if someday I can read some head line in AAB about any of your contribution to BGM as you are comfortably settled in BGM.

      Take care of the city and yourself


    • @ Mahantesh
      To add some more would like to clarify that I have no problem with names whether it damn "VES" or chowk/circle. even if you rename belgaum as venugram or belgavi/belgaon it does not matter to us as the city will remain same to me and those settled outside belgaum.

  7. Belgaum , historically has been a part of the Kannada region and has seen many such dynasties ruling over it. But the scenario in the region changed in 18th century as in other parts of India. This was the period which saw the expansion of Maratha empire under the Peshwas which culminated in realising the famous saying of "Attock to Cuttack". Hence a large chunk of Karnataka region formed a part of the then Maratha empire and was called the "Southern Maratha Country (most of North Karnataka). By the time Britishers came to power this region was dotted by the remanants of Maratha empire ruling over their jagirs and states. But the language of the land essentially remained Kannada. This has been beautifully summed up by famous historian and civil servant of the erstwhile Bombay presidency John Faithfull Fleet in his book "The Dynasties of the Kanarese Districts of the Bombay Presidency" (1894), which incidentally forms a part of the Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency (Vol-1, Part-II, Book-III) [4] . The first page of the book explains the ground realities of the time, which goes as,

    " In defining the limits of the Kanarese language, on the west and north may be designated "by a line drawn from Sadashivgad (Karwar), to the westward of Belgaum,Hukkeri through Kagal and Kurundwad, passing between 'Keligaon' and 'Pandegaon' through Brahmapuri on Bhima and Sholapur and thence east, to tand thence east, to the neighbourhood of Bidar. This however wrongly excludes Kolhapur. As for Sholapur which now officially counts as a Marathi District , Kanarese is still , to a great extent the vernacular of south east corner of it. And there are Kanarese inscriptions of the Western Chalukyas ,Kalachurya and Devagiri Yadavas of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and some later ones, at Sholapur itself, and at Kudal and Mohol in that district, and at Karajgi, Kudal, and Tadwal in the Akalkot state.

    "…In official language the four recognised Kanarese districts of this presidency viz. Belgaum,Bijapur and Dharwar collectorates together with the Kolhapur, Miraj and other Native states called the "Southern Maratha Country". A more misleading appellation, however it originated, could not well have been devised. It is true that, in one of the earliest inscriptions of Pulakesin II, this part of the country is included in what was known then and even many centuries before his time as Maharashtra. But this term meaning literally "the great country", does not inherently imply any of the racial and linguistic peculiarities which are now naturally attached to the terms 'Maratha' and 'Marathi', derived from it. In the whole area of so-called Southern Maratha country ,not a single Marathi inscription has been discovered, of a greater age than two or three centuries. With the exception that two Prakrit records have been obtained at Banawasi in North Kanara and 'Malavalli' in Mysore, and that a few Prakrit words occur here and there in other records, the inscriptions are all either in pure Sanskrit or pure Kanarese, or in the two languages combined. This fact speaks of itself, as to what the vernacular of the country was in early times. In the present day, the people and the language of British districts are essentially Kanarese; and the Kanarese people and language have been displaced , to a certain extent, by the Marathi people and language in the Native States, only because those States were established by the aggressions of the Marathas from the north, whose local influence proved to be greater than that of the native rulers whom they dispossessed. Even in the Native States, and in Marathi official correspondence, the Political Agent at Kolhapur is ,to the present day always addressed as the Political Agent, not of the "Dakshina Maharasthra" or "Southern Maratha Country, but of the "Karavira Ilakha and the Karnataka Prant"

    Hence when linguistic reorganisation of states were decided upon this was the background available to the Commission as a part of official records and language was the basis. As a result the resultant Maharashtra didnt include the 'Maratha' ruled areas of Baroda, Indore or even Gwalior except for Kolhapur as the Commission took into consideration all the changes in the region over a long period


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