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Thanksgiving function for districts contribution towards Goa liberation

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The Government of Goa has decided to organise a thanksgiving ceremony in Belgaum on November 5 for the district’s contribution to the liberation of Goa. The Goa Freedom Struggle Committee, has organized several functions to celebrate the golden jubilee of Goa’s freedom on November 5 and 6 at Maratha Mandir.

A Coin and photo exhibition by Arun Kamule will be held at Maratha Mandir, which will be inaugurated in presence of Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat. Pt Prasad Savkar will present a concert on November 5. He also said that the play ‘Kahani Goa Muktichi’ will be presented by Natyankur team of Belgaum at 8 pm.

see this post of video of the Satyagrahis during the Goa Liberation.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving function for districts contribution towards Goa liberation”

  1. This is good decision by goa government and we as belgaumite should extend a warm welcome.
    Goa's relation with belgaum has been more cordial than other state and this is emphasized with the thanksgiving being organized in BGM.
    Everyday many people travel to and fro from bgm to goa and this event should take a step further by providing better road and rail connectivity between these places.

    Its strange that goa has such good and close relation with belgaum that we have never heard of any incident of regionalism or language. All other state bordering karnataka have one or the other dispute.

  2. Kapil : There is huge communal and language issue in Goa as well. Its just that unlike Belgaum and other places, they know better than to wave their dirty laundry in the public domain. Being a tourist destination, no signs of disharmony can be shown.

  3. Very true Kapil!

    Actually I would say the problem around the borders exist not because of the common people there, its because of few cheap policatcians and parties which want to play petty politics and adopt "Divide and Conquer" approach of ruling. Unfortunitalay our brothers and sisters fail to understand this. What is there in language? Its just a mode of expression of your feelings and views. Every language is great in its own way and for people speaking it. But that doesn't mean u should hate other language or people. Just as one's mother is great and loving for the son doesn't mean he should hate other's mother!

    • Agree with you we hardly see common people from different communities fighting each other as they are too busy to make ends meet for daily needs, it the degraded politician who divide people and uneducated/unemployed youth get brain washed.


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