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Rakaskop Villagers want ban on sale of Alcohol

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Rakaskop on the banks of the river Markandeya is a very scenic place until recently when this beautiful place has of late turned into a weekend den of alcoholics, reports the New Indian Express.

Upset with this menace, the villagers are campaigning to have the sale and consumption of liquor banned in the village.


The village has a population of 1200,  this village is known not only for its greenery but also for the Rakkaskoppa reservoir, which supplies drinking water to a major part of Belagavi. A rush of locals to this spot on weekends boosted local business. However, the situation changed with the arrival of outsiders, who changed the picnic atmosphere.

There was a spike in the sale of illegal liquor, and alcoholics began creating a nuisance. Their booze parties and loud quarrels have kept locals and others away from the scenic spots for some time now, adds the New Indian Express report.

Renuka Nemani Motar, president of Bijagarni Gram Panchayat which includes Rakkaskoppa, is keen to get the sale and consumption of liquor banned in the village. 

Recalling the clashes that took place due to the menace of boozers, she said she held a meeting with local leaders and youth who are keen on banning the sale of liquor. Citing the case of Surla village on the Goa border, where the sale and consumption of liquor was banned recently due to the menace of alcoholics, she said she would bring a resolution to this effect in the local GP, and get it passed soon after the Lok Sabha election, the New Indian Express says.


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