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Ramesh Jarkhiholi rebuts Income Tax dept claims of unaccounted cash and gold

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Minister Ramesh Jarkhiholi has rejected the claims made by the Income tax department with the Media that 162 crores unaccounted cash and 12.8 Kg Gold was recovered.

The minister in a press release has quashed this statement made by the Income tax department.

ramesh-jarkhiholiFor the 3 days of the IT Raid from 19 to 21 January in Gokak, property worth Rs.115 crores has been established, in which 80 crores is of the Sugar factory and the remaining is other assets related to the sugar factory which is not Benami.

Ramesh Jarkhiholi again clears the clouds by saying he is not in the political field to make benami money and I have not broken any law of the land.

He further says he has all the documents with him to prove the above and it will be done in due course but the IT dept is labeling him as a corrupt person.

The release further states that his brother Lakhan’s house 8 kg gold and 20 lakh were found during the Raid.

In the Hospete Galli in Gokak, which is their ancestral house 4.5 kg was found which is ancestral property.

The IT dept is making false allegations and the raids are politically motivated.

The press note further says He is a loyal congress man and congress is in his genes, he will not act in any way which will affect the face of the party.

The press statement however did not have the ministers signature but images of the same were sent to all the media. 

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  1. Every tax evader Rebuts when caught… Being a Cabinet Minister, Rebut is quite natural… I don’t know abt Gokak, but ppl from Belgaum must not give ground for the Corrupt…


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