Ranipur Calamity Fake Charity Donation Scam in Belagavi


“We are inhabitants of Ranipur Village are dressed to natural calamities and have lost our house and property. We are not standing for food and oven clothes to were- are requesting your good self to kindly help us generously and we have to shelter to live” ….. 

This is the sheet of a paper a Young girl hands over to a person which only has the above text and then some names and amount as donations normally about 5-6 and amount in 500, 300 etc.

ranipur-scamOne woman was seen in Ramdev Galli, and when we verified this we came to know that such fake charity scams have been taking place in name of Ranipur village since long.

As son as we asked some tough questions she ran away.

There were also two young girls in school uniform who could be part of the same gang and also there was a man whom we could not trace but was often seen around in Ramdev galli doing rounds up and down.

ranipur scamThe http://hashtivist.blogspot.in/ writes that As to my curiosity, just after they left, I searched “Ranipur village” and got to know the village is in Uttar Pradesh and another in Uttarakhand, so no Ranipur in Rajasthan then.
Then I typed “Ranipur calamity” and stumbled upon two results related to a scam which had the same exact thing written as that on the paper.

The telegraphindia also writes about a similar incident saying – A 25-member group from Rajasthan, including minor girls involved in allegedly duping tourists in the name of social help, was rescued by a voluntary organisation in Bodhgaya.

Such scams are not new but the citizens must be careful and also the use of young girls for this is very alarming.


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  1. Same thing happened TODAY in AMRITSAR punjab 08/07/19 majitha road ..
    MOTHER AND TWO DAUGHTERS they was speaking fluent ENGLISH and saying they are form RANIPUR. And asking for DONATIONS FOR THEMSELF “DROUGHT IN RAJASTHAN” and in front of her i checked online and show this post to them about scam she quickly snatched the paper from my hand and ran away .. GANG OF 40-45 people staying at DURGIANA TEMPLE AMRITSAR 143001
    We asked for clothes and they didnt wait for that and ran away after saying a fake reason to us ..

  2. Serious scam: govts need to look into the matter. This happened to me on 8/07/2019 at CRP square bhubneswar. People of bhubneswar, please be careful inform this matter to police. One lady dressed up nicely and was speaking in english. She gave a fake charity paper to me. Natural calamity at ranipur destroyed theirs everything so donate some monet for them.
    Kindly avoid and tell that I will inform to police.

  3. Today the scene happen with me and a girl dressed nicely speaking me approaches me with a paper and said I am a Punjabi looking handsome and give me some money at first I got ready to donate some money but then I refused him then she left by rudely snatching the paper from my hand I request you all to be beware of this thugs

  4. Today happend with me also in Hyderabad near bhavans vivekananda college I refused to give money and she went angrily taking the paper from my hand. I request Hyderabad police to help people out of these stuff and catch those ladies quickly.

  5. Same happened with me already donated some money to them. Now I have searched for the same.
    Moradabad (U.P)

  6. Same thing happened today in Mohali punjab 25/5/2019 (sector 70)she was speaking fluent English and saying Ranipur in Orissa. And talking shit and saying you punjabi’s are very handsome and rich blah blah blah people please donate. And in front of her I checked online and show this post to her about Scam she quickly snatched the paper from my hand and ran away.

  7. the same thing happened to me on 28 april 2019 all the same shit was written on the paper
    first i thought it to be true but even refused to donate any money as my mother said that these guys wander and earn money using such tricks
    after searching about Ranipur I came across this article
    thank god that i didnt donated any money

  8. Happened with me. I asked her for a id card and she claimed her mom is downstairs. She will get it and will come back which never happened

  9. this incident happened with me today an old lady came and should me the paper and left my house without taking money i gave her 90 rs

  10. D same incident just happened with me….a woman with d same description came to my house and asked for help..i gave her 50rs but she said dis is too less you are capable..plz give some big amont…i said i have dis only and closed my door…den i searched for ranipur flood and came across dese articles…luckily after looking outside i found d lady wid another one and a child….wen i started to ask where is ranipur ….dey started to stammer and said assam …another one said bengal….wen i said i ll call the police…give my money back….den she came and gave me money back and ran away…

  11. This happened to me 20 minutes ago…
    Yaar i just gave them 80 not a big deal…
    But i feel ashamed, by knowing that i have been cheated…
    I am aware from this website article…

  12. Same happened just now…they are in Assam too…she demanded in 100s but my mom gave ₹30. She was carrying a child fully covered with a cloth. I now doubt if that was a real child.

  13. same thing happend to me also on 19 jan 2019…a young woman came to me and asked the same aforesaid words and had the same written sheet with few names of donation like 500 600…i have not given any amount as i thought it can fake but offered some clothes and my mother’s saree..

  14. This is really shit …happenening in bhiali chhatisgarh. Police should take some strit action against such things they are unnecessarily taking money of innocent people

  15. Yes today this same incident with me.
    There are 5 or 6 girls they forced to give donation but I don’t know it fake or real so given them donation.

  16. Same happened to me also . Date 5/1/2019 place _gondia Maharashtra . I just checked on google then asked her some questions then she ran away.

  17. Allahabad, 28/12/2018, 11:30 AM Same incident happened to me. I, instantly searched on google and got this link. When i told her that u r doing fraud, she took her paper and disappeared.

  18. Today 22/12/2018 ,12.11pm , dharampeth , nagpur,jst now this incident happened to me …..2 girls with age 12-16yr & 1 lady showing paper with all same stuff written ….asking for donations ,their whole gang is roaming in nagpur showing paper and asking donation.All this is fake……

  19. A similar incident occured. Date: 29-Nov-2018, Anand, Gujarat, India.

    I told them how I found them fraud, they replied to rather visit their Camp in Rajasthan if I don’t believe them. I left giving them nothing (although at first I was convinced and was about to offer them extra pair of clothes I got). A few people gave them money and their names were in the paper.

    PS: The paper where they have written about natural calamity, doesn’t have any signature or stamp. Its just a plain paper with a small description which is not any proof of evidence.

  20. Same thing happened to me just now in Gurgaon sector 17 a group of ladies were there one of them came to me and she started explaining me about Ranipur flood at that time I was in little hurry and repeatedly she was saying me sister and she was speaking in English.. she gave me a paper where the donators name and amount was written and most of them were donated ₹1000, ₹500..soo I gave her 100 only she was forcing me to give more then I go away searching it on Google and I found it here and after then I started searching them when I found that women again I started asking her why they are doing this fake charity and menupulating ppl then she was like no sister we are not fake, we are educated and we are not getting any help from govt that’s why we are doing this at that time a man came to me and said ye sab fake hei kuch pucho mat just leave them ..

  21. Same thing happened to me also today morning on 21 Nov 2018. One girl around 17-18years old with two ladies 50-55 age group. The girl came to my flat asking donation for the same reason as all above people mentioned, I gave her 100 rs. When I googled the place Ranipur, I found this page n immediately followed them and called Delhi police for the same. After following like 10 minutes they noticed me an started running away. In between I got a call from Delhi police and told them that I m following these ladies n they are trying to escape. Police told me no to give donation to them n asked me if they left the place or not. Till then those ladies have booked an e-rikshaw, I reached them n told that this is not right what they are doing and I have informed the police. they were very sa red and were asking to let them go, I couldn’t do anything more than that so I let them go. If someone encountered those ladies again please do not give any donations to them and ask some questions to them they will not stay there anymore. Thanks

  22. Today in old Rajinder Nagar delhi.
    I did not give money but I gave food.
    When I asked that you are in school uniform so you are in which school one of them said we do not go to school and the other girl immediately said now we will go
    On Asking more question one of them staring stammering and tried to please me but saying thank you and blah blah….
    And then both ran away.
    One of them appeared innocent and other appeared smart.
    Its tough to find real culprit behind these young girls.

  23. This is happening since two years and still they roam with the same papers just like that! I mean, come on. A girl came to our library today, like seriously! Still going on! Get it in newspapers already someone.

  24. Now these people are in Bahadurgarh Haryana they also collected money .They tell us they are inhabitants of Ranipur.
    They demanding money , clothes on the name of donation.Beware of such people.

  25. same happen to me, 4 to 5 young girls in uniform stops my bike and give the same written papers, here in Navsari – Gujarat.

    • CSA University Kanpur …they just came to my hostel started showing those creepy papers ……at that time I doesn’t know about them ….afterwhile I just googled those lines …shocked … finally. called police ?

  26. Just happened to me same paper same msg same girls. Pune Wagholi. when i asked them they said this village is in Rajasthan. They said they are from Rajasthan but speaking in a diff language not marwari or marathi. They are wondering now in pune Wagholi Kesnand road if someone want to catch them. Sept 22 ,2018

  27. today on dated 07.09.2018 looking same in jamnagar gujarat at morning. she asked for donation rainpur not ranipur in rajasthan. all other person give to donation for it, we shown all the people . my group also donated rs. 200 for it, after we call to police for inquiry. police work on it today on dated 07.09.2018.

  28. Happening in Kathmandu, Nepal right now. They came to our office and I googled it and found this article. But they escaped.

  29. Found in ahmedabad today and such things should not flourish, one has to be aware about these things very cautiously they are taking advantage of the people who help for genuine cause making us fools this is not happening one should punish them hard today happened with me too at Ahmedabad English speaking ladies

  30. What th hell is this happening with us
    Genuine people whom we should help are dying and such people are breaking the trust over humanity
    I request all of you to be smart enough because today a lady took some bucks from me in Ahmedabad same incident happened with me at gurukul road ahmedabad

  31. They are doing much they asking 1000 above i asked them the id card they run away I am going to catch them again

  32. Just now two young ladies came to my shop in Varanasi and showed me the same sheet of paper of some natural calimities in some Ranipur village in Rajasthan immediately I asked them few more questions about there village , district and type of natural calamity etc . They couldn’t able to satisfy my thirst and started acting some emotional drama you are like a brother etc. I straight away denied to pay them a single pie .
    Later now I Google about this Ranipur village and surprised by viewing your experiences .

  33. This thing happened to me as well 3-4 young girl asked me about money.they all are from Ranipur village. Be aware of this fraud. F****d up.

  34. It happened to me too(Patna,Bihar). A girl sad these and I asked where is Ranipur?she said it is in Orissa.But when i searched the google, Ranipur is in Uttar pradesh.

  35. Guys they have reached hyderabad.. and are in Kukatpally on June 22 2018… found out the scam immediately in thier behaviour.. alert citizens..

  36. Found the same exact people in Bangalore today . The way to his young child was speaking I got to know that he can only speak English which is printed on the paper and doesn’t understand anything else in English ,

  37. It happened with me today (jamshedpur, jharkhand) when I was in hurry to attend my class and I was waiting for the elevator to come and then a lady come to me with a paper and handed me a pen. On the paper was some written names and amount of donation.i asked her where she from and she said ranipur and told me about her calamity and asked me for help. I wanted to check it on Google but I was already late for my class so I helped her just for god’s sake. And after that when I get free From my class I checked it and found out it to be fake?

  38. It happened with me today when I was in hurry to attend my class and I was waiting for the elevator to come and then a lady come to me with a paper and handed me a pen. On the paper was some written names and amount of donation.i asked her where she from and she said ranipur and told me about her calamity and asked me for help. I wanted to check it on Google but I was already late for my class so I helped her just for god’s sake. And after that when I get free From my class I checked it and found out it to be fake?

  39. I’m from Raibag, Belagavi and have meet many women and girls distributing such pamphlets in rail.. They are all fake.. Be carefull

  40. Somebody knocked at my door around 08:00AM. The way how the person knocked the door was like somebody was in danger or something urgent happened and needed help. The knock on the door was so desperate. I opened the door half asleep and as soon as I opened the door , a young lady handed me a paper. She did not even say a word, she was like, take it, take the pen, and help. I couldn’t even read what written on the paper. All I saw was some names with the amount that they have donated. I handed over the paper to my roommate to read it and she read it. The moment she read what’s written on the paper, she handed over the paper to the lady and said I have seen so many of this fake donation request. Take your paper and leave. And he shut the door. I felt bad for the lady and I told my roommate why would he act like that. Then he told me that it was all fake. Still restless and not convinced I decided to look up the name of the village and calamaties the villagers are going through as mentioned on the paper (as explained to me by my roommate). Then I came across this article with almost the same content on the letter that they were using. I would say the lady was lucky that I was not aware of this, or else I will make sure that she is embarrassed in front of all the neighbors. It’s scary yet funny how someone can devalue themselves to this extend. I learnred my lessons.

  41. This has also started in Ahmedabad but my smart friend tried surfing on google infront of her about the rainpur village but she took the paper off from his hand and then we found this site.

  42. It happen to me in Guwahati,Assam i donated 30 INR. i saw the name list some even paid
    300-500 INR. They act like they don’t know languages.to avoid questions.

  43. my roommate just happened to be fooled by these a******s . happened in Noida, Uttar pradesh. beware of them. They say ” brother help us”. They speak with a very deep voice . you may feel that they may be really the victims. but just question them once. any id card or anything. they just happen to somehow speak some other language. and they just flee. two ladies and a small girl.

    all this happened when my security guard went for a break.

  44. It has been happened with me too today in the morning at Howrah, a district within West Bengal near Abasar Sammilani Club. This gang is collecting money by showing a paper to get help against natural calamity in Ranipur, Rajasthan. First I gave them money for help but when I asked them to show their Identity Card they were unable to show it and gave fake excuse and showed rude behavior also.
    I informed at local police station about them also and hope administration will take care of this cheater gang.

  45. This happens in Karbi Anglong too, I m the one to donate for the said charity of Rs 100.but as soon as I began to raise some questions to when and time she fled away. I brows for the name rainipur and I found this again.

  46. I just met a woman who was also doing the same thing when i enquired she ran away.. she was kavita barot from rajasthan and thus is going on in tezpur assam right now

  47. Comment:just now a woman with child came, long list of people giving 1000,3000.
    She was speaking english. No sindur. evry statement started with “brother”. I asked her if she was Hindu. But when I said I will give money and said she was a convert. she accepted it. These are Christian missionaries taking donations to convery more and more Hindus.
    She was accompanied by another women.

  48. It is also happening in Punjab district fazilka city abohar may in whole punjab ,Today i also face this scam i gave her 10 ruppees only, after that i searched on internet i saw that post

  49. Today I too met with a lady who was asking for help in the name of Ranipur Village Calamity Victims and handed me the paper.
    Just when I enquired about the place aage came from she answered that this village is in Tamilnadu.
    In curiosity when I returned I searched for Ranipur Calamity and found this page.
    I met with this incident in Greater Noida.
    So beware!

  50. Today this happens in PUNE shivajinagar… when i asked them about their seniors they ran away form our building..

  51. Today the same happened with me….they are so trained they will convince with their fooling techniques..and convincing power….plz dont trust these people…i have demanded thier id card….so they left me talking their group in their own language by abusing ….all this happened in delhi metro…..beware of such people ….

  52. This happened with me too. I am from siliguri And I saw them twice in a day.. What should I do?? Should I call police?? Peoples donating 500,1000rs to them!!

    • No it’s written by them
      They came to me I gave 50 rs
      And they are demanding atleast 200rs cuz everybody are giving min 500 rs


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