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No Trade License pay a fine of 2000

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With a view to achieve the tax collection target of Rs. 50 crore the City corporation has again commenced the measurement and re assessment of the Property tax of various properties.

Along with the same Also each trader is being checked for a Trade license and those who dont have one are being asked to pay a fine, named as “Administrative charges” of Rs.2000 within 7 days and also obtain a Trade license in the next 7 days.

If the trader does not adhere to the above the notice says that the said shop will be sealed.

comm-bhendiOn Tuesday the city commissioner commenced this drive from Bhendi Bazar which was due for road widening but as the property owners approached the court as no compensation was paid, the work never began in Bhendi bazar. Their case is still pending in-front of the Regional Commissioner.

Many Traders who had applied for Trade license were denied one saying Documents are not correct but were never told what was incorrect.

The commissioner also said that all the illegal business from basement would also be closed.

2 thoughts on “No Trade License pay a fine of 2000”

  1. What about the road side hawkers, on complete Khade Bazaar road starting from Killa to Samadev Galli who neither pay tax, either any Trade License Jam the traffic. These people eat the business of Shop owners. The Shop owner needs to have

    – Need to have Trade License
    – Need to have PAN, TIN number
    – Pay the rent of the shop
    – Need to pay the Elecricity Bill
    – during riots shop will be damaged

    Why cant we make our city standardized by asking not to do road business and provide some space to these people with some loan on them and lets have accountability.

  2. Road side shops should only be essential services like hotels, medical shops, ATM’S,
    Corporation should plan a mini markets on grounds or mall like with parking facility at various places in city instead of shops and halwers on road. halwers should also be charged taxes same as shop keepers.


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