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Rape accused produced in court: 4 persons in custody who attacked accused

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A 26-year-old man Sunil Balu Balnayak allegedly raped a 6-year-old girl at Kadoli village on Wednesday evening at a field near his house in the pretext of playing was produced in the court.

While the accused has been taken to the court in police security the citizens demanded that he be handed over to the family of the victim.
At this moment 4 youths attacked the accused after the police arrested the four.

Citizens blocked the road and did a Rasta roko for about 20 minutes and demanded that the 4 protesters who had attacked the accused be released.

The accused Sunil was moved to the Hindalga Prison in tight security.

The infuriated crowd at the court premises demanded that the accused be given the death penalty.

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4 thoughts on “Rape accused produced in court: 4 persons in custody who attacked accused”

  1. My heart cries for that little angel, my eyes shed tears for that brave parents. I am sorry for the society which we have given to our new generation. He deserves to be tortured to the highest possible level. Chop his body parts one by one, cut off his hands and legs and make him beg on the streets of Belgavi so that everyone knows what happens when one commits such crimes.

  2. Encounter him simple solutions our courts take years to punish him.. . Chop his parts ..and set a example no one dare to even think of such crime..


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