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Rare brain surgery at Lakeview hospital

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In a rarest of the rare brain surgeries, that was conducted by doctors at the Lakeview Hospital, Mahatma Phule Road, the life of a 29 year old woman was saved leaving her to lead a normal life. The patient, who was admitted in the hospital after complaints of a chronic headache for two months combined with giddiness and fall, was brought to the hospital for consultation last week. Earlier, the patient was taken to various hospitals in Kolhapur and other places.

Briefing media persons at a press conference on Thursday, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Raviraj Ghorpade said that the patient Ujjwala Kamble, hailing from a village in southern Maharashtra was brought to the hospital with above symptoms. After conducting MRI brain it was revealed that she was suffering from Aneurysm of Internal Carotid artery, a rare ailment where a rupture in the brain artery can endanger patients’ life.

In case of Ujjwala there was an out pouching of 7 x 8 mm attached to the main artery of the brain, where blood was getting accumulated. This was causing severe headache and other symptoms. As there was high risk involved, after taking the patient and relatives into confidence we planned for endo vascular coiling of the Aneurysm. Patient underwent into the procedure for about 3 to 4 hours in the Cathlab, after which the patient was under observation for a day. Platinum 3D coils were used to occlude (block) the Aneurysm from the main blood supply. The patient had improved completely and the coiling procedure was successful,” Dr. Ghorpade said.

Rare brain surgery at Lakeview hospitalGiving further details Dr. Prabhu Halkatti said that if not cured, the patient may suffer from a severe brain hemorrhage, paralysis many times leading to death. However, the entire surgery was successfully and the patient has been discharged.  Dr. Prashant and Dr. Sunil and staff assisted the surgery.

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  1. Patient is lucky enough and time again is the best healing last month my tenant younger brother was diagnosed with heavy head ache same asaboce. he was a chemist shop owner He thought it was because of spectacle and change in number he neglected and had brain hemorrhage and collapsed thanks to all the team and also the team of all about belgaum for bringing awareness to public at large

  2. We fail to understand our body signs and we always are overconfident nothing will happen to us
    But we should be awake aware and take care at the right time


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