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Rasta Roko for demand for new railway lines and trains

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A Rasta roko was done by KRV today on NH4 as part of their campaign to put pressure on the railway minster so as to speed up the process of laying new railway lines connecting to Belgaum and also demanding of a new trains to the city and district.

The existing railway track was laid by the British, the existing railway track does not cover major talukas nor does it effectively connect Belgaum with other commercial hubs like Hubli, Dharwad & Kolhpaur. In the past there have been many reports and in principal approval of the Belgaum- Kittur track but nothing major has happened.

Demand for Railway infrastructure in Belgaum District:

Kolhapur-Nippani-Sankesawar-Belgaum-Kittur(Bailhongal)- Dharwad track. Which will reduce a lot of time from the existing track and boost movement of people & commodities between Kolhapur, Belgaum and Dharwad..

1.Kolhapur-Nippani-Chikoddi-Gokak-Saundatti-Dharwad track.

Saundatti attracts lot of pilgrimage tourists from South Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & North Karntaka. This whole belt has many sugar factories and movement of sugar and other agri-produce would be cheaper with a railway track.

2.Raibag-Mudhol-Bagalkot track, which again intersects through the sugar belts.

3.Dharwad-Saundatt-Ramdurg-Bagalkot which will help have a closed rail circuit in Belgaum-Kolhapur-Dharwad-Bagalkot Districts and rapid movement of people and agri produce.

4.Belgaum – Sawantwadi Route.

New Trains:

1.New intercity train from Belgaum to Bangalore

2.Garib rath and passenger trains from Belgaum to Bangalore

Goodshed to be shifted to Sambra railway station.

18 thoughts on “Rasta Roko for demand for new railway lines and trains”

  1. Thats very Good Initiative ……Should Keep up the Protest for these Demands till fullfilled….Otherwise Mamtha……will only say Ammi Bengali……..Humar Bengla….Humar Railways…..

  2. Good Move by KRV..
    We really need some organisation to take this fight for our city's development to streets…
    Railways has always given a step motherly treatment to Belgaum region.. So we need to intensify our protest regarding this matter…
    We are with u in this fight KRV,…

  3. Instead of blocking roads why don't u take demand to government in other Manner simply traffic blocks public suffers in End 🙁

  4. It is shameful that no new lines were laid in Belgaum after Independence. That's the reason we cannot call India a progressive country as the "progress" affects only a small per cent of our people. I appreciate the work of KRV and hope that they succeed in the objective.

  5. its a fantastic demand.but blocking roads if just an in convenience for the u really think that blocking roads is going to have an effect on the government machinery?come on……….wake up .
    look at the irony…….genuine demand for better infrastructure,by blocking existing infrastructure.

  6. lol, I dont understand when they need more trains it should have been train roko not rasta roko… I am bit confused with KRV was it just for publicity or are they making genuine demand.

  7. As belgaum being a second capital. The trains should connect the major city such as Chennai , an kolkata. An what i feel is Hubli – Miraj Should be a double lane. As the trains like chalukya an Rani chennema wil be always late for atleast 1 hour, due to crossing.


  8. I believe they are already doing a survey from Bagalkot to Kudchi line, n some news papers carried news (suggestions) is that they are going to build a line Hubli to Miraj without connecting Belgaum.

    • What Rubbish , the new survey on envil is Belgaum to Dharwad line, Kudchi Bagalkot line land acquistion is in progress , from Miraj , there is line towards Pandharpur (NG-to BG) opend for goods traffic, silly suggestion of connecting Hubli Miraj is dream, dont spread roumers Ramesh

  9. Belgaum to sawantwadi can reduce lot of stress of family travelling to konkan…buses are very stressful…we require trains plying to sawantwadi


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