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Amrut Birje wins award for his photo

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The photo captured by Amrut Birje a senior photo journalist in the city who captured a stunning moment of police constables chasing a mob and beating a person during a protest by the Marathi activists at the DC office on July 12.amrutbirje

The photo has won a Gold medal from The Photographic Society of India (PSI), Mumbai under the category of “Photo Journalism” in a national level competition. In all there were 42 people who had sent over 4000 photos.amrut

Amrut Birje has been working in this field for over two decades.

7 thoughts on “Amrut Birje wins award for his photo”

  1. Congratulations Amrut!

    At least this war helped you in getting award.

    Keep clicking pictures of these kind of fights and win awards..


  2. Please understand these photo journos and cameramen risks their lives and earn their living. They are paid very less as compared to the reporting journos. Thry are the guys who get the news from the feild. It is not about Amrut winning an award for a photo which was violent, it is about being at the right place at the right time.

    I remember, when the Bgm bandh episode (Vijay More attack) happened few years ago, he was covering the news for a vernacular news paper. There was a lathi charge at Rani Chanamma circle and he had to bear the brunt. Police also attacked a few Sr. Journalists and they were injured.

    If you do not appreciate their work, atleast do not discourage them.

  3. Basically Amruit is a excellent phographer , at least in Belgaum he is the only lenenceman who click with apt news sence ..had good collection of varity ..Amrit keep it up ..expecting same quality work in future..


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