Realistic and Most Balance Budget says BCCI President

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Satish Tendulkar, President of Belgaum Chambers of Commerce and Industries said that the union budget presented by P Chidambaram today is a Realistic and Most Balance Budget having long term positive benefits.

First of all we all must know that any change can not happen overnight. It is a slow and gradual process , and this budget is exactly the same. I must say this is a inflation check budget as this was a need of the day . Our economy is passing through very bad shape and certainly this budget will take us out but in a phased manner.

By presenting this budget our Finance Minister has attracted foreign investment as this is the most stable budget.

Welcome Steps.

1) Bangalore Mumbai industrial corridor, this will certainly boom the industrial growth in Karnataka.

2) Lowered security transaction rate

3) Home loan benefits will help infrastructure development in country.

4) Woman Banks ….first of its kind in the world.

5) Nirbhaya scheme .

6) Rs.2000/- tax credit for basic payers.



1) Excise duty reduction expected to curb recession in trade and industry.

2) Expected that life saving drugs will be cheaper but not happened.

2 thoughts on “Realistic and Most Balance Budget says BCCI President”

  1. After wasting the Tax payers money in last 9 years by bringing in Vote bank schemes like NREGA, This slow down had to happen.

    Instead of NREGA if the same money was put into Infra Projects like building Roads and Modern infra for transportation in cities like Bangalore , pune and all other Tier 2 and 3 cities…Things would have been up beat today….. UPA has no vision.

  2. ok but what about JNNURM project for belgaum? earlier our ministers said they will bring this project to Belgaum. till now nothing happened.


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