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Reconstructive organs surgery on a Cobra snake

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A complex surgical procedure was successfully carried out on a severely injured Cobra snake that was involved in excavation work in a field on the outskirts of Belagavi. The surgery, performed by expert veterinary doctors from a Multi-specialty Veterinary Hospital in Belagavi, required over 40 stitches to reconstruct the snake’s body.

Ketan Jaywant Rajai, a bike mechanic by profession and a passionate snake rescuer for the past 16 years, received a call from a resident of Kednuru village in Belagavi taluk. The resident reported the discovery of a snake during excavation work in a field on Friday. Ketan immediately rushed to the scene, only to find a fully grown Cobra snake with severe injuries caused by the bucket tooth of a JCB excavator piercing its neck and lower body.

Determined to save the snake at all costs, Ketan carefully transported it in a secure box to the multi-specialty veterinary hospital located in Mahantesh Nagar, Belagavi. A team of veterinary doctors, led by Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. HB Sannakki and Veterinary Officer Dr. Mahadev Mullati, performed Visceral evisceration, laceration, and reconstructive surgeries on the venomous snake after administering anesthesia.


To ensure the snake’s well-being, oxygen was supplied as it struggled to breathe normally. The doctors are currently providing a five-day treatment plan to aid in the healing of the snake’s wounds and restore its activity. The snake remains under the observation of a dedicated snake rescuer.

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