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REDEFINE YOUR CHILD!!! If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN?

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Congratulations!!!  The results are positive.

What a moment it was when you first got this news from your doctor, spouse, or your parents; “Top of the World” could be the best to describe you.  Soon, the world around you started changing.  Good wishes and blessings were on your way from each of your loved ones.  You were waiting for this, didn’t you?? The regular follow-ups to your doctor were done diligently.  The baby was most awaited and prioritized.  With all the planning done for the Genius to arrive, the day was finally there and you heard the baby for the first time “and you were smiling like never before.”  A new journey had already started for you to live with.  Days and nights were only for that little Genius you were seeing through who was so amazing, so beautiful, so innocent, yet naughty like you.

As the child was progressing, Hopes and Imaginations were endless. Your Appreciation and Encouragement were such a boost to the child to do them more.  You always knew and could see the weakness in him, the things he was not able to do or was slow to do, but your focus was only the things he did confidently and throughout you always felt proud about it.  You had a lot of DREAMS in the child now and were rejoicing to see it fulfilled as the child was growing.

As years went by, the child grew and you started comparing him academically and in other extracurricular activities since there were many things to point out at from the entire society/school/family at which point you started feeling, the child was not contributing to your expectations. There were hardly any positives you could make out of your child, but the negatives were countless.  It seems as though the child you wanted is lacking way behind.

children-dayHere is the need for you as a parent to interact sensibly with your child. Discuss with them and encourage their talent and interests.

So, I want to convey you all parents, that it is the time now to REDEFINE YOUR CHILD because If not you, WHO? and If not now, WHEN??

Child’s development does not depend on the money you spend on them, but the amount of Quality Time as a parent you contribute towards them.

Understand that Life teaches you Lessons no matter what age and the amount of Experience you get makes your decision taking strong, but such Experiences you only get when you are done taking some wrong decisions in your Life and so is the case with children too.  No matter how much you train them, they still have to deal with the rejections of the world.

Each and every child is unique and gifted with some talent and not a copy of the parent. Most of the time, understanding of the parent is like, “If I Could Do It, Why Couldn’t You” and vice versa, “What I Couldn’t Do, You Have To.”

Your child’s mental health is more important than their grades.”

In today’s world, the young face very high competition and pressure from families to succeed.  The desire for highly-paid jobs and the demands of overbearing parents has caused a suicide epidemic among students in India.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), India has highest number of suicides in the world.  Suicide rates show a peak among the young and elderly as per the report.  The reason behind it sometimes can be that the child has lacked proper parenting. Children are never taught how to handle failure or rejection in life.  They are always made to believe in winning.  Counseling becomes equally important in such cases whether it comes from parents or from a common man. Parents and schools cannot prepare children mentally and psychologically to face failures in life. Hence it is imperative that as a society, we work to promote a positive environment and help individually who face suicidal tendencies or are emotionally distressed.  It is time to understand your child and interact with them accordingly and understand their interests correctly. Give them enough of your time or else this is just a beginning and gradually the suicide case will take place in most houses and by then it will be too late to rectify.  BEING SATISFIED IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING SUCCESSFUL because this will make the child HAPPY throughout their life irrespective of rejections and obstacles in the career they have chosen to work for.

Don’t limit your child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.” – Rabindranath Tagore

These things are not so simple as we understand and every parent would be feeling it, but this is MUST for today’s generation and the real NEED to make them strong because if you don’t do it, nobody will for your child and Your child may go into depression and suffer frustrations at which time you may feel where did I go wrong as a Parent in bringing up my child.

Understand the parenting your child needs and ACT NOW!!  Tell your kids, you love them for everything and they are GENIUS within themselves with unique talent.


Written by Tejas Kolekar, Educator, 9916835550

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  1. Thanks for your article about the definition child and we will see the same thing as the world is very nearer. With best wishes and happy children day.


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