Register property at any sub registrar’s office in Belagavi District soon

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The Karnataka government is looking at reintroducing the ‘anywhere property registration’ in the district. As per the present policy, any property registration in Belagavi has to be done under the specific district registrar’s office, like Belagavi has North and South.

However, if the ‘anywhere registration’ policy is enforced then a building/house owner can register his/her property anywhere in the North or South office.

The said scheme could be implemented from July 1 as per the sources.

This kind of proposal was proposed 9 years ago but due to severe legal impediments, it was kept at bay.

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Now R Ashoka Revenue minister has said the government is planning to introduce the concept on a pilot basis in Bengaluru soon. He said besides easing registration hassles for people, it will help get rid of middlemen, touts, and corruption within sub-registrar offices.

However, the bigger concern is that of a PIL pending in the Karnataka high court filed by an NGO — the Committee on Public Accountability — which argues that the introduction of this concept would increase multiple and fraudulent transactions.

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