Rejuvenated lakes near Hindalga Ganpati look beauteous


The Argan Talav or Argan Ponds near the Military Hindlaga Temple are set of 5 ponds nestled in nature and also is nestled into it a small bird sanctuary where a few species of birds breed. These water bodies are home to many birds and recently the MLIRC took up the rejuvenation of these ponds and now after the first good spell of rain

For over 8 months the army personnel were working on the same in a scientific manner so that more and more water could be stored. As soon as one lake is filled up, the water is let out in the next one.

argan talav
Photo courtesy: Ashok Chandargi
argan talav
Photo courtesy: Ashok Chandargi
Photo courtesy: Ashok Chandargi

Argan Talav was earlier known as Airgun Talav as British officers used to go there on weekdays for hunting birds and rabbits with their Airguns. Later on, people started calling it Argan Talav.
Walking paths have also been made for nature lovers to have a stroll.

Earlier many would recall that the same ponds were used milkmen to bathe their buffaloes, but that was stopped somewhere in 2011 when an 8 feet wall was constructed. Devotes coming to the temple have been attracted towards the beauty of the lakes.

A request to the people going there: don’t take any kind of plastic with you, come, see enjoy the beauty and preserve it for the upcoming generations.


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  1. A good question…Maintained by whom….If the People who visit the lakes to have fun do not spit, throw wrappers of food articles, do not smoke and throw rubbish what maintenance do you require. All these years the Army has been looking after so why the question….All of us are responsible to keep our cities and amenities clean and functional. time we stopped looking for somebody

  2. It is nicely done. It can be developed as picnic spot with all safety measures in place and by maintaining its sanctity.

  3. After putting all the hard work in it comes the next question, how is it going to be maintained, and by whom?


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