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PULP is an Online Magazine started by six Architects – Shantesh Kelvekar, Preetanshi Singh, Maithily Velangi, Rajeev Malagi, Smruti Balvalli and Rahul Paul. While Shantesh and Maithily are native to Belagavi; they along with Rahul are alumni of Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi.

The creators of the magazine say that they want to build a platform whereby they could sensitise public about the need to understand and appreciate the existing spaces, situations, and lifestyle around without being judgemental about the condition. They believe once the public is sensitised, their overall outlook on the otherwise ignored condition will alter drastically in the eyes of the public. The group wants to bring a change by embracing the existing conditions rather than opposing.

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PULP which means flesh as well as fiction – looks at the dichotic conditions of every day, everywhere and everyone. Written in form of short stories, narratives, poems, videos, and graphics – the platform to express these stories is versatile.

Recently PULP wrote a story on our very own town – Belagavi. Titled ‘Akbar Amar Anthony’, it is a titillating story of the three railway gates of Belagavi, and how they bring the entire city together. Waiting at the railway we usually get frustrated, irritated and agitated – with the railway overbridge under construction, more than ever before. This story will bring a dimensional shift in you, it will leave you altered with your views. They bet that next time one is stuck at any of these railway gates, they’ll be far more relaxed and embracing!

Three brothers, separated at birth, raised in different localities are connected only by a single thread – the railway track. Each have grown up leading different lives; developing their own unique personality. However, every day, at specific intervals, for few minutes, they synchronize for a musical. A musical, so engaging, that no resident can ignore, but is drawn to follow suit.

Akbar Amar Anthony – read story here:

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  1. Congratulations Rahul, Maithily, shantesh and the entire team. Best of luck and looking forward to reading PULP. It’s a proud feeling


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