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Something to crow about

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Nature Have you ever spared a thought for the house crow? They are remarkably intelligent and can survive in almost any circumstance, say bird enthusiasts

Around 150-200 crows gather and sit on wires, nearby small trees early morning near Sadashiv Nagar and their caw-caw can be heard in the entire vicinity. At around 7.30 AM a sweet smart opens its shutters and the volume increases and then all of a sudden about 20 crows gracefully come down near the sweet shop and eat Shev, Kharebundi, Papdi offered by Shantaram Gaonkar who runs the sweet mart on Sadashiv Nagar Main road.

Shantaram Gaonkar crowShantaram Gaonkar crow


Within just 15-20 mins the feast is over and all the crows wait on the wires and small trees for their turn. They come in groups of 20-25 and feast on the Savouries.

Shantaram has been offering the crows food for the past 6 years and according to him, his business has grown after he commenced this crow feeding. It is very routine that a shop owner first performs puja and then they begin with the daily routine, but here it is the crows first who are fed then the God.

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  1. I want to see house sparrows, which were plenty at one point of time. I am searching for small nests built in Belgaum.


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